Buck M9

Jan 9, 1999
Hello, fellow knife aficianados.

I have a quick question. How rare (or common) is a Buck made M9 bayonet? It has a black blade with M9 Phrobis III and U.S.A. pat. pend. on one side and Buck 188 U.S.A.^ on the other. I am interested in the knife's usefulness for its intented purpose, whatever that may be. Is this a user, or a keeper?

I don't believe that Buck M9 bayonets are very rare at all. As far as I know, they are still in production. I saw one in a military surplus store just a little while ago. For some reason though, I can't find it at www.buckknives.com. Even if they don't produce them anymore, you can probably just go to a military surplus store to buy one.