Buck Master Series

Jan 19, 1999
I don't see Bucks on a lot of people's 'favourite' lists, but they seem to be decent utility knives at reasonable prices. (I've had a couple of their fixed blades for about 20 years now.) I was wondering if anybody had an opinion (or hard data :) about the Master series. Does the BG-42 alone make it a significantly better knife, for example? Seems to be the current 'trendy' steel. Is the Dymonwood handle any good?
Hi Frankk,
I have high quality Bucks way up on my lists. I also have 2 of their master series knives and 1 on order.

The knives are very well constructed and considering the price, a great deal. I have the 110MS and the 501MS. The BG 42 steel is high quality and holds an edge superbly. It even shines up well if you chose to use some metal polish. The "dyamond" scales are very nice. They give a secure grip and have a nice high luster appearance. A silver emblem adjoins the scales and adds an elegant touch. The nickel silver bolsters add even more class to these knives. The sheaths are also high quality. All in all an excellent knife at a great price.

These are very popular. I have had the 532 back ordered for more than 2 months and the 110 was back ordered a few weeks when I ordered that knife, though that was around the holidays.

My only complaint that I can think of was on my 501, there was some sort of hard material stuck on the liner that scratched the blade slightly. I just used the small screw driver on my micra and "filed" it off. No biggie, was probably just a something from the production process.

You can'go wrong with these knives.