Buck Mini Tool

Oct 3, 1998
Finally released is the Mini tool- the first of the key ring multi-tools with several tools on it and based on a plyers instead of a scissors. A step up from a Sebertool or Swisstech and roughly on a par with a Micra. Same size) The arms swing around like a Bucktool. Thge plyers don't have any space (or not much) anywhere along their length -don't know why there isn't room to grab a larger item. The screw drivers are also -not much (sorry, Buck, if you are listening) -the regular is very small -eyeglass size, and the phillips is also small-and flat. Got a nice finger nail cleaner, tho, an OK tweezers, a little bottle cap lifter, a great blade and a small scissors. All in all a nice tool which will discount for less than $30 -so you can't really knck it. It's a lot of tool for the price, but it really seems like it could be done better. Fit and finish seem pretty good
I talked with them about those same issues. Even talked to Chuck but the design was too far along. Oh well can't win them all. I have not got mine yet but I nearly demanded wire cutters. Told them to cut my order in half if it did not have them. Did they put them on the production models?

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
I don't see any. I think that the deal is this- in order to make the arms swing around and still keep the tool thin, they had to keep the jaws VERY thin. If they left the space in there -like normal plyers have, to grip things I think it might have made the jaws too weak. They could have put a wire cutter on, tho. I guess they wanted it cheap and easy.
For my keychain tool I prefer a scissors-based tool, so the Buck minitool isn't really for me anyway, but ...

Two things that really make a keychain tool worth it to me are the reasonable size screwdrivers, both regular and phillips. The Micra's phillips screwdriver, two-prong though it is, is one of my most-used tools. Ditto the flat screwdriver. Not having larger drivers makes the Buck Minitool uninteresting to me.

For the record, the other tools I use a lot are: small (glasses) screwdriver, bottle opener, knife blade. And, of course, the scissors.

Thanks Haward, I think I will stick with the Micra personally and at WOW.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber