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Buck Nighthawk

Mar 18, 1999
Just bought a clip point, bead blasted Nighthawk for an inexpensive hiking blade. I am impressed! The blade is sharp and seems sturdy, the grip is really comfortable (though I don't know how tough it is) I hate the sheath though, if I really like the knife, I'll get a Kydex one made for it. For a $40 knife, I'm impressed. Anyone have more miles on one?
I've been playing around with one for a few months now that I got from a friend(thanks Clay), and it is a pretty tough knife. I've been turning a lot of log ends into chips and the edge seems to hold up pretty well.
No it's not top of the line, but I have a hard time abusing a blade that cost hundreds of dollars. just my opinion.
These are extremely ergonomically designed knives and quite thick at 1/4 inch. But, I wish they would have used a better steel than 420HC. Even 440C or BG-42 would have been my choice. I would pay the extra for that steel.
Cobalt is right. The steel could be better. But then again not everything has to be a new top of the line stainless steel. IMHO I would rathe have my FB's that are intended to be used hard in good ol' fashion tool steel. Its tougher, costs less and holds a better edge than most stainless steels. Its also easier to sharpen.


I love #650nighthawk too!No soonre I had looked it in knifemagazin Japan's advertisment than I called my favorit knifeshop to advance order it.
It is very tough.It's grip is fit on my hand like custom knife.It is very cheap that I can use it hard without hesitate.
I wish it were more model in the series 7"or8"model,blade of M9bayonet or buckmaster,and wider thinner blade model like kitchen knife.The nighthawk handle is very good system as Gerber Alminium series.

CHic Stone
I did some serious cutting and chopping with my Nighthawk today, even to the point of several small dings in the edge. But a few minutes sharpening, and it's sharper than it was out of the box. The handle is really comfy even after extended cutting. But I still hate the sheath!