Buck Oddosy Question

Dec 29, 2002
Hey, guys

My friend has a buck oddosy which he wants to loosen the blade. It appears as thought I need a pin spanner to adjust the tension, is this the case?
I don't have the answer but you might find one if you asked this question in the BUCk FORUM....
Mine takes a star key sort of hing, but I don't use that. Mines has a grip cut into the screw so I just push down on it with my thumb and turn. What he might find after loosening it is that it keeps coming appart because it's so loose. I put some plumbers mate tape down the hole sothat the thread would cartch better, it's worked really well.
actually you can use one, but you may have to grind the tips down first. Also you may want to wrapt the tips in tape to minimize scratching.:)
I have a Buck Oddysey. The pivot is weard, it has two small diameter holes in it (like 1/16" or smaller), something like this:

(o o)

I use a bent nail and pinchers :D
you could bend a nail into a "u" shape wrap the tips to keep from scarring, and use it in a pair of pliers!!