Buck Odysee vs similar Spydercos.

Aug 15, 2000
I was wondering how the rest of you guys compare these two. I really like the Buck, a few pros are: (my opinion)
1) COST!!!
2) Ergonimics.
And that's it. The Odyssee (G10 and ATS 34) seems a little heavy, but overbuilt and extremely durable. The locking liner is well designed, and it works quite well.
1) lighter.
2) lockback.
I don't think the Spydercos have the kind of durability that the Buck does. What do you guys think?\
Oh, and I guess a good comparison would be the Delica, as far as size and cost range go.

i had an odysey...some bastard at work took it..

its a great knife,esp. for the price. comes shaving sharp,and keeps an edge well,even the 420 version.
it makes a great daily user,im surprised not many people mention them around here.
Buck has an improved Odyssey available, of which I've only seen the 420HC version. They removed the metal back spacer and changed it to small round discs around each pin in similar fashion to the Strider. Obviously, it allows for easier cleaning.