Buck Odyssey I vs II


Jun 7, 1999
Wish to buy this knife, but I was wondering if there is really any performance difference in moving up to the more expensive handel material on the Odyssey II. I believe the I has some sort of thermoplastic handle, and the II has G-10. Any opinions welcome.

Marcus X. Fry
I'm not particularly impressed with either of these knives; astethics are terrible and constructions is hokie. But I'd go with the G10 over the anodized aluminum anyday. If it's not G10, it's probably still a better material than aluminum in that it won't show so much evidence of wear in your pocket. Just MHO.

Dear Mr. Professor, I think you have the Lightening mixed up with the Odyssey. I don't believe the Odyssey comes with alum. handle. If it is the Lightening we are talking about, I agree that the styling is not that great. Has anyone out there seen an Odyssey with an alum. handle?

Marcus X. Fry
I have never seen the odyssey with aluminum handles, but I have the odyssey 1 and I carry it daily.I have been very pleased with its performance and really don't have anything negative to say about it.It is light,sharp and inexpensive.
You guys are probably right. They came out right at about the same time and I ordered whatever the one with the aluminum handles is named for my fly fishing buddy. He likes it, but says it dulls too quickly. I haven't had firsthand experience with that, but it was evident to me that the anodized finish was scratching off. If the model you describe has a G10 offering, I'd say go for it. I swear by this stuff, having dropped a couple of Benchmades on asphalt and such like a complete idiot. I seem to remember beer being involved in these situations.

I have the Odyssey with the thermoplastic handles and it has been a great knife. I can think of a few ways to improve it but zap, Buck has done just that. Now it has G10 handles and dual liners. I like the blade shape and it works fine ergonomically for me.
I bought one of the Lightning models for my wife, it seems to hold it's edge pretty well, but even if it didn't, that's what I have my Sharpmaker for.

But there is nothing wrong with the thermoplastic handled Odyssey, it has an ATS 34 blade with a very sharp point and a good strong spine. I wouldn't split logs with it, but it's a very nice medium duty folder in the 3" blade class.

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here is a short history of the Odyssey series and the changes it has gone through from 98-99
The 98 Odyssey started as a 2 model series...
1. 181-fl/fx -- ATS-34 with a plastic side and single liner (linerlock)This knife had a plasitc backbone, and came in serrated and non. early models had a chamfer, but was later dropped.
2. 182-fl/fx -- ATS-34 with G-10 and single liner (early protos were of Micarta) This knife had a steel backbone. This was available in serrated or non and had a chamfer on backbone(less than 3000 made)
Changes for 99 are this..
We now have three in the series (so far)
Major changes to the whole series include - Full steel backbone and double liners on all models. We found that by adding the second liner, the knife had better action and less handle flex that could contribute to lock failure. We also decided not to carry the 181 in serrated and not serrated both, just serrated.
1 - Model 186-fl -- designed as a price point for the consumer that likes the Odyssey series but needs to save money or doesn't care about specialty steel (mostly mass merchant type customers who shop by price.) This model has a full steel backbone and no blade chamfer. unserrated only
2 - Model 181-fx -- ATS-34 steel serrated blade. Plastic handles. This model also has a steel backbone with two liners also. No blade chamfer.
3 - Model 182-fxCF -- Ats-34 with chamfer and serrations. Carbon Fiber scales and double liner with steel backbone.

I hope this helps ID the changes we've made.


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