Buck 'Odyssey' series.

Sep 21, 1999
Just saw the new Odyssey in a magazine and was wondering if there are any opinions out there? The overall design and ergonometrics remind me of the SpeedTech.... What about the composite material? Is it tough in all situations say... if dropped on a rock? The locals here aren't carrying them for another week or so; thought I would do my homework first.
Emanym Ton
I was quite dissapointed in the odyssys I handled. They all had poor fit, finish, and overall seemed to lack the attention to detail I expect from Buck
I have the ATS-34 model and the plain edge 420hc model. The bad thing was that on the ats model they only had plastic handles, with no metal spine, and only a liner on one side. I think they have changed that now. The 420hc model I have has a much better handle, with full metal spine and two metal liners. The action was very stiff the first few days, but now it has become my smoothest knife, since I open and close it about 50 times a day. The pocket clip is alright, since it screws into brass nuts recessed into the plastic handles. But it can wobble from side to side once the screws loosen up just a bit. The thermoplastic handle material itself is quite strong, and I have dropped the knife onto the floor a few times with no cracking. I also fell on the knife when it was in my side pocket, and the handles were still fine. The blade is very pointy, and I it is good for stabbing stuff, but the hollow grind is too short on the width of the blade in my opinion. They should have ground it higher. Both knives pass the spine whack test. I really like to slam them on any solid object I'm around, just to see if they will ever colapse, but so far they haven't. But I warn you in advance that you shouldn't stab anything with this knife in the saber grip even if the blade passes the whack test. The liner protrudes enough so that just squeezing the knife hard will disengage the lock. Reverse grip is not a problem though, since the pinky does not close the lock. For 29 dollars the plain edge model is really quite good. I saw a keshaw random task the other day, and I really didn't think it was worth five or six odessey knives. The last thing that I like is the pivot screw is a screw rather than a pin. Side to side blade wobble can be corrected with a few turns.
Hey, thanks for the replies and the info. I am just starting to get an idea of what to look for in knives as far as quality and your replies have really given me some great ideas! Thanks again!
Emanym Ton
Well, I've been playing with some Odessy's lately, and i would have to say that they are fun, quality, and better than anything else I have found in the same price range. Drasticly better. The diference between fingers and no fingers better.<I now really, really dislike schrade>

I like the ATS 34 better, but i like the nonserrated edge better. The one problem that i have found is that each store seems to have a slightly diferent version, and they don't know which one they have. So, I may have a G10 handle, or I may not. either way i have 3 good knives, although my younger cousin has laid claim to the straight edge, so I may soon be down to two.

I do have a question, though. What is the diference between 181C and 181U?<its printed on the blades>
The newer models are very nice, have a metal spine now. I have the carbon fiber scale version and I like it alot. The liner engages the blade tang in the first third , so there's lots of room to "wear in". The only complaint I have about the blade is that the CF model only comes in a combo-edge version. This knife screams out for a plain edge version (IMHO). The carbon fiber is very nice looking and well executed, looks very classy.
These are very nice medium size every day carry knives that don't scare the average non-knife carrying citizen.

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I like them. Personally, I wouldn't have expected to pay less than $60 for any of them. They are great little knives. I really like the shape, but that is personal preference. I'm really picky about knives too. I don't what kind of problems you guys are having. Could they be early production model?

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