Buck or Case Fixed Blades....Who Has the Best Steel??

Oct 26, 2001
I have been checking out both the Buck and Case fixed blade for hunting. In the Buck line I like the Pathfinder and the shorter one. The 119 is a nice knife but I think it may be a bit too big for hog and deer field dressing.
In the Case line I have been looking at the stacked leather handled fixed blades particularly the 3 inch version and 5 inch blade with the thin blade. Basically the same knives as the Buck, or very close anyway.

What I would like to know is which one is currently making the better knife, Case or Buck? Does one hold and edge better than the other? Are they both made in the USA out of quality steel? Which brand would you pick if given the choice?

Lastly, I also believe that KaBar makes models that are also very close to those I mentioned by Buck and Case. Do you think the Kabar is a better choice than either the Buck or Case?

Thanks for your time.

Depends on the model and the alloy.

Buck 420HC holds an edge significantly better than Case Tru-Sharp.
Buck also does an excellent job with the other alloys it uses, S30V and ATS-34/154CM.

If you were comparing Case ATS-34 to Buck ATS-34, I do not think you'd notice a difference.
Buck 102, 105, Gen 5, or Vanguard would all be an excellent choise and Buck has a superior warrenty comparred to any other US maker. Case is over priced and caters more to the collector market. Kabar really does'nt have much in their hunting line thats not made overseas.
Oh. forgot about the KaBar. kaBar 1095 Cro Van will hold an edge better than Buck 420HC.

But the KaBar models that look similar to Bucks are much softer steel, DIN 1.4116. The Buck will outperform them.
Kabar's 4116 is of quality though-it's a sturdy steel that takes a razor edge with minimal work. I find it superbly effective. I've heard awesome stuff about Case's CV steel, have a yellow delrin Sod Jr on the way from them and I'm pretty stoked to test it out.