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Jul 20, 1999
I am fairly new to the forums, but have noticed something and have a question. In about the last month or so, since I have discovered the forums, there have been several mentions of Buck 110's, and not one of a Schrade LB7. Are Schrades a no no in the " in the know " crowd? Just courious.
I havn't seen anything on any schrade products. the LB7 is a well made knife.shrade realy isn't into the new liner lock type knives I think that may be the reason you don't see much on schrade, they came out with a new model this year SW7 alot beter than the cliphanger but not up to par with the big boys,and is not a liner lock,.I whould like to see what other members think of schrade.
tony paulos

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I like the Schrade pocket knives and think they are a great value. Yes Schrade is not writen about much in this forum. They are not a real hot topic, but if you really like Schrade go ahead and start posting about them. We all love talking about knives it does not really matter what name brand, you will find a opinion about here one way or the other.
Oh ya, welcom aboard.
The first new quality knife I ever purchased was a Schrade-Walden stockman back in the 70s. I still have many Schrades, and even though for years now my favorites have been Spyderco, Benchmade, Buck, Swiss Army, and many others, I still feel Schrade makes a very solid, honest product. I have nothing bad to say, although I prefer Buck in general regarding traditional designs...but Buck, Case, Schrade, Camillus...are all excellent companies. I haven't tried the Schrade "modern" type knives, like Cliphangers or such. I hear their Schrade Toughtool (?) is very solid.
Most of us have Shrades.They have not been customer friendly, however.They do not reply to letters.I like the sharp finger and the guthook mods.I have a stockman, an MC-1 marked Shrade and a trapper.As they choose not to deal with us, I will not consider them for future purchases.We can talk with Camillus,Phil Gibbs,and others.Why deal with the unapproachable where you have no voice?You common, ordinary consumer you.The times, they are a changing.Get with it, or get out.Forums, such as this, empower us.We are now seeing a power vaccume.Some will fill it.Some will fall.


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I always assumed that Old Timer was made by Shrade. At least they were, and still are displayed in the same fitted display case in the hardware stores.

It occurs to me that Shrades were made of Stainless Steel, and Old Timers were carbon steel. Handles were fake stag on one and Brown/Orange plastic on the other. Aside from that they were about the same.

I still have several Old Timers from the early to mid 70's. One is a big clip point lock back, the other is a single blade Muskrat - Trapper model. I didn't care for stainless steel at the time and never bought a Shrade. The Old Timers will take a very good edge, and were easy to sharpen.

Maybe I will get the little one out and drop it in my pocket for a while.
My all around favorite cutting pocket knife is the Uncle Henry 879 signature premium stock knife -$20 at Wally-World, $30 at Ace Hdwr. 440A stainless, or something real close.

The Old Timers were made out of O-1 about 10 years ago, but I cannot say now, other than that, they are still made of high carbon steel. -Brian
There isn`t a lot of talk in the forums about traditional pattern knives, and that`s too bad! I wish Case or someone like that would sponsor a forum here.

As for the Buck 110, that`s been talked about in the Buck forum many times. But the Buck forum doesn`t seem to have the rabid following of, say, the Spyderco forum. The forums here show more interest towards the latest and greatest of the knifemaking art.

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Steve B.

Amen - I wondered if anyone else here liked the "traditional" knives. Now I know I'm not alone.

Thank you.
Well, if anyone here has paid any attention to my posts they would know I am pretty much a tradionalist.

As others have noted, Schrade hasn't done much lately to get anyone excited. I do recall that just about all of the west Texas ranchers I used to run into while deer hunting carried Uncle Henry's or had one rattling around on the dashboard of their pickups.

I myself like both modern "tactical" type knives and the old traditional patterns. Sometimes I go through periods where I prefer one or the other more, although I like to alway have some kind of quality one-hander on me.
I find the traditional patterns of Schrade, Case, Buck, and Camillus are all good, in their own different ways. For actual use I find myself prefering Buck...because my Case knives are bone handled and I'm afraid I may drop them (happens sometimes with knives). The buck (300 and 700 series) hold a good edge, resharpen easily, and are very rust-resistant. I find the Schrades are also good but do not resist rust nearly as well, even their Schrade + stainless steel. However, the Schrades seem to be everywhere and are less expensive than the others. I also live not too far from the Buck plant, which is another reason I use their knives more.
Thanks for the welcome, and the responses. I feel like a "kid in a candy store," since finding the forums.
Welcome knzn,
I myself have two Schrade knives. WR1, and a half-serrated, folder. Though on the Schrades i've seen, the locks don't work as well as..say..my endura, and it gets hard to close quickly...so it's not my favorite knife...but still they seem to keep an edge well and are basically good knives. Just not, from what i've seen, 'top quality'. All depends on what you're looking for
I too felt like a kid for a while here...but everyone's great, many different opinions...but welcome to the family

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I still have a couple of old Schrade lockbacks somewhere. They are made well, but not something I would use trust for a daily carry. Now around the house chores would be perfect for them.

Dark Nemesis

All the knives in the world go round and round, round and round, round and round...DAMN, one of them took my wallet !!! :)


I have an old timer sharpfinger and the bigger deer-something modle and I strap them on quite often. I had an old timer folder but the lock went south on me so I had a local shop send it off for repair and it disappeared. They gave me a credit so I went for a swiss army with a metal saw blade and some other stuff...oh well. I do like the way they fit my hand (as a martial artist I don't really use the reverse grip much so they work ok) but they are really hard to keep clean-drive me crazy!! just on my bedside shelf they rust way!!!

When I'm in a boastful mood and show folks what I got, they often smile politely and, if they think I'm not looking, they shake their heads like we used to do about "that cousin" before it was politcaly incorrect!!!!

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I have an Old Timer and Uncle Henry stockman knife that I keep in the garage for whittling and breaking down cardboard. Good using knives.
I have a Schrade 110 knock off and some small whittlers.They are good using knives.Couple of years ago I got a large cliphanger for a song.It is by far the worst knife I own.Using it for utility cutting it dulls in record time.the liner lock has the cheapest and thinnest locking bar I have ever seen plus the knife has a back spring which interferes with a smooth one handed motion.This knife is just an accident waiting to happen and has been exiled to use as a gardening knife.