Buck Short Revolution,Pass and Review

Sep 27, 2004
Well, like I said, I broke it!First day, under two hours, Buck was good enough to replace it. Needless to say, I didn't have much time with the knife,but here goes..Beautiful knife, Not real crazy about this design. I like the concept of a clip on system, but this knife is some what cumbersome in it's operation. In a high stress or extreme sport situation, I want to be able to deploy that blade with one hand, and I mean in a hurry! Just could not do it with the Short Rev. Once the blade is out, great little cutter, feels good in the hand, cuts good,looks great, but then it's cumbersome again. To be perfectly honest, I like my Short Diamondback A whole lot better. Must say, Buck has excellent customer service! Thanks again to Jeff & Joe at Buck, Frank & everyone at BF for the chance, Marty :D :D