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Buck Strider - comments anyone?

Apr 19, 1999
Hi all!
It's been awhile since i ask any questions........anyhow, i like to take this opportunity to thank all that had responded to my pass treads this whole year. Also, i like to extend my apologies to anyone that i may have offended....

Buck Strider? Any hands on info. to share? I've been reading articles about it in Blade mag and TK mag but i'm hoping someone could provide me with extra info that the reviews might have left out....about it's grind, edge holding ability(never own any "Paul Bos" heat treated knife before...) and it's bead blasted blade. Is it smooth like MT's "Anopean" finish or rough? How does it fair compared to a Farid folder if toughness is the issue here?(Let's put aside the fact that one is hand made and the other a production piece.)

Thank you in advance!

Merry christmas to everyone and may all things nice and sharp come your way.


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Hey Eric,

How is it going??? I handle the Strider and it is a great knife. The blade steel is thick, the liners are extremely thick which is the part I love. It is well built plus the extra little finger guard makes sense on this type of knife. I have heard that the edges on the g-10 needs some sanding down. Now on the one I played with. This knife is built to last. Now about the edged. The tanto tip is thick. It is not meant to be a slicing edged. The secondary edge could use a bit of sharping to get a nice sharp edge but u can do that yourself. Beadblasting is pretty good. Just a little rough. This is an awesome knife. I am just waiting for the spearpoint version to come out soon. I think that would be a better user. Not much into tantos. If you like tanto point by all means get it. There is one for sale now.
Later man.


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I've been considering getting one for snorkeling since it does have that thick tip. Do they make a BT2 coated version or something similar? Thanks.

The thing is a TANK. It's BIG, BAD, STRONG, and VERY SHARP! You could bring serious personal injury to someone using the knife in the closed position. Mine was re-ground by Mick Strider when I sent it in for some touch-ups (it had some blade play). It is very secure in your hand. Mick rounded the edges of the scales for me, as they are a little sharp. The blade is quite sharp, but the tip sacrifices a shaving-sharp edge for penetration ability (something it does extremely well). The blade profile is that of the Strider WB fixed blade, their most popular seller. If you want a big, bad, strong, sharp folder, the Buck/Strider SB-1 is for YOU. I have one, but prefer to carry an Emerson folder most times, due to the thickness of this tank...makes it a little harder to conceal. The liners are the thickest I've ever seen. The blade is 3/16"-thick, again, the thickest I've seen on a folder. Both Buck AND Strider stand behind the knives. Send it back to either company and get excellent service. Enjoy!


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To rfrost: I had read an article that said the 'belly' was sharp, but the tanto edge was blunter and designed primarily for puncturing. Is that true? Can the tanto edge be sharpened?
(My friend is a Buck salesman, and before I hit him up for the knife, I'd like to know if it's worth the hassle.)--OKG
Yes it is true that front edge is not sharp. It has a slight edge on it, but it is more of a chisel than a knife. You can run your finger over it will some force and not be in danger of cutting your finger open.

It all depends on how you use your knife but for myself, I like it!
I find with this type of tip it is very useful in scraping and digging, where on any other knife I would only end up breaking the tip off.

And if this type of blade isnt for you just wait awhile and get one of the new ones coming out with a more typical style of blade.


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Thanks all for the comments!
I've been wanting to get one myself so i thought i'd gether more info first. Does anyone have any idea when the spear point version will be released?

Liong - I'm fine here dude!....I'm impressed with the Buck/Strider folder so far because i've always wanted an "overbuilt" piece......but i think i'll wait a bit for the spear point to decide.


Dude u will be glad u did. I think. I am also getting the custom spearpoint from them. Man now that is the tank. .25" thick BG-42 steel blade, .1" Ti liners and g-10 handles. You could just clobber someone with that.


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