Buck/Strider Folder Collaboration?

Aug 4, 1999
Looks great in the banner ad!! Has anyone seen one, handled one, bought one?? If so, who has them in stock at the best price.
My thoughts are great size, tough looking grind. I would have preferred an integral lock!!
Looking forward to hearing everyones thoughts,


Blackwood Knives
Talonite knives in stock!!
I got to hold one at the cross roads of the west gun show at the Anahiem stadium, I think that was what it was called, I saw knives on a sign and pulled in for a look
. Strider had a table there. The knife is a tank! The knife that I handled was a prototype. It opened and closed smoothly. The liner lock stopped halfway across the blade. There was basically no side to side play on the blade. The blade when closed was also centered in the handle. I liked the knife. I linked to the Buck site from the banner ad, and I think that the MSRP is $190.00.
I hope this helps.

Shawn R Sullivan
very enthusiastic and looking forward to this knife. from what I understand dennis at wrightknife will be getting a small alotment of the limited edition runs of the Strider folder in BG-42. this is as far as I understand it. let him know you're interested, as the bg42 will be worth it

Hey there. Was just handed one of the first production pieces. I fondle as write...You will not be disappointed....

Being a Strider and Buck dealer, we'll have plenty of the new Buck/Strider folders! We've had the opportunity to check out the original prototype and if the Buck is close, it'll be one tough tactical folder. www.osograndeknives.com or ogkt@firstworld.net