Buck strider Vs. Gerber and Boker

Jan 31, 2001
Can anyone tell me which of these knifes is the best?

Buck Stider
Gerber Applegate-Faibairn Combat
Boker Brend
Without a doubt the Stryder. The Gerber would be my second choice, but I wouldn't consider a B. Brend. I have one, and the overall quality leaves much to be desired. The liner seems to be way to thin, and the steel isn't that great. Just my opinion.
The Strider is the best.
Since you seem to be new to the knife world, let me suggest that you also take the time to read over these forum pages carefully, there is a lot of good advise out there.
And don't forget to look at Columbia River Knife and tool knives. They are highly recommended by almost all of us.

I would agree on the Strider, but alot depends on what type of use the Knife would be getting, and how low profile you want it to be.

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Couldn't have said it better. I have a Buck/Strider and it is great knife. In fact the only bad thing I have to say about it is that every time I pull it out, I get these weird looks from people. It never said anything about that on 1stopknifeshop's description!

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