Buck Workman Knife 813X

Oct 12, 1998
I recently found while rummaging in one of my knife boxes a Buck Work Man knife with a model 813X and Buck USA stamped on the main blade. The words "Work Man" are etched on the blade along with a blacksmith pounding an anvil. This particular model is a three blade and I believe it is an electrician's knife because one of the blades has what looks to be a wire stripping notch and screwdriver end on the same blade with a somewhat dull partial edge bevel. The other two blades are a lockback drop point and a non locking bill hook type blade. The knife also has a metal bail on the end and black very hard plastic scales with the words BUCK WORK MAN molded in on the bail end. The two knife blades are very sharp and the backsprings are nice and strong as I prefer to have them.

I did some net searches and cannot find any info on this knife or the Work Man knives in general and I assume it must be discontinued. Also, some ebay searches turn up nothing. Were these knives actually made in house by Buck? How rare (or not) are they? Would this be a collectable Buck worth hanging on to? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

Apr 20, 2001
The 813 was one of 3 knives in the "Guildmaster Series" that started in 1988. Yours is the GuildMaster-3 model made in 1990 by the "X" on it.

The "Workman" etch is from the Workman line that Buck put out, of mostly regular Buck models with that etch on the blade.

Not sure how long the Guildmaster series was made. They are listed as "NEW" in the 1988 catalog, are present in the 1989 catalog, but not the 1990 one.