Buckmaster 184 Damascus

there was only 18 made and this one is #1 NIB all paperwork with a hand sighned Letter form Charles BUCK !!!!!!!
So anyways.... damascus 184's, yes, we made some of them. I just checked and it looks like there were less than 10 made. Something tells me we made more but I cant find anything else in my notes. Either way, the quantity was very small.
Lots of blabbering here, but I don't see any pictures at all.

Somefing wrong wif my dumbputer???

Is this things working?

Here is Paul Bos personal Damascus BuckMaster! It was the First Buck made damascus BuckMaster and was the First BuckMaster heat treated by Paul as the Damascus was newer to him at that time (1980's) Also there were est. 27 Damascus BuckMasters total consisting of 18 Gabrick,8 non- Gabricks and Paul's) again all est!

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Toneus, welcome to the Buck forum... That's a sweet 184 you have... I'm been trying to buy one from this guy I know... His doesn't have Buck stamped on it... But I still want it... He got it from someone that worked for Buck... Maybe you can share some of your Buck knives on the Sunday Picture Show next Sunday... ITE
Hi ITE thanks for the warm welcome much appreciated. I am not very good at the whole 'forum thing'.

I only have this one Buck unfortunately! I am mostly an Al Mar collector. I bought this 184 from a friend as I just loved the blade,weight,and styling of the knife. I didn't realise how rare it was when I bought it! Research led me here. I think I could get to like Buck knives now!




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Toneus, your welcome and thanks for the pictures of your damascus 184... Sweet, that's I can say about it... I know where 3 of them are but only one is for sale... I'm just waiting till he needs some money again... ITE
What You have for sure is the BUCK Custom NON Gabrick Damascus.. Funny how is is still marked G00#(like the Gabricks) as these were supose to be marked 000#...
I don't know a lot about the knife I am having fun researching it!
I was just looking at a Buck 184 collectors website who has 30 custom Bucks and many production. He has amongst lots of others two 184 Damascus Non Gabrick knives no 7 and no 5 from the same run as mine. They are both listed with a G. G007 and G005. You can see the G007 marked on the blade in the pic on his site?
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Many of the 2nd series (waving design and block letter stamps )Sold by Buck custom shop were marked with the "G" by mistake.(confirmed by Buck)
Both of my first series #005 and #007 are marked with the "G"
I also own the first series ( Tiger eye and script logo) Gabrick G005 which is also marked "G" G005 along with G011 and G015.
Photos can be found on my website at www.survivalknife184.com.
you can also check out Rich Neymans Buckmaster book.
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Hello Toneus.. I am also a AL MAR collector and I have 104 preproduction #09 AL MARS all vintage stuff.. Would love to ask a few question and a few rare ones(like the small guard 4008) I have two of these.. If you get the time please email me!

Thanks for the info and emails helping with this survivaledge(Keith) Much appreciated.

Dax I will try and email you later. Sounds like I could learn a lot from you. I have only just got the Al Mar bug and only have 5 pieces! (No 6 is on its way!)
Sounds like I have a lot of catching up to do!
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