Bud Nealy Boker Specialist I

Feb 6, 2001
I'm interested in purchasing the Specialist I made for Boker by Bud Nealy. The reasons why I'm interested in this knife is because it is a fixed tanto blade, and the MCS sheath system seems really cool. Does anyone know how reliable the sheath system is? And does anyone know if I can carry the knife vertically in the sheath at the small of my back? If you could recommend this knife or any other similar knives, that would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
I have not yet handled that knife. There's an article in the March 2001 issue of Tactical Knives though.
I have one of Bud's smaller knifes and the magnetic/kydex retention system is very reliable. I have tried to shake the knife loose and it won't budge.
I have the Specialist Escort(same knife, different handle material-plastic) which i bought because it had the same sheath system, but was cheaper. It is a very nice small knife and system. Feels nice in the hand for what it was designed for. Sheath could hold it anywhere you want.

You could wear it at the small of back. Just be aware the paddle design may not fit everyone perfectly in every position, but it is a smaller paddle. I usually wear it around the neck, with no release/retention issues at all.

Don't want to bring you down, but I sold mine just recently to get money for LCC DA.
I - after all - wasn't very impressed about that knife.
Too flat handle to get good grip. It's also missing proper finger guard. Blade was quite thick (too thick for me). It could have been sharper out of the box.
But - these are just MHO's. Maybe it just wasn't the knife for me.
The new owner was happy and proud about his purchase.
I have two of them. If you pay something around 70.00 USD (that is what I paid) IMO it is quite a good deal. The sheath is very good with strong magnets (watch for your credit cards!!!). I carry mine in my vest (or suit)and it is virtually invisible. Look at it this way: you can get Nealy´s design for 1/3 of the price and it even looks better (IMO)




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I have one of Nealy's smaller designs too with the MCS, and I wanted to use it in the small of the back. I found the sheath a little large for comfort. It is great in the hole of a vest, or in the high configuration on a belt, but the paddle is big and it is really in the balance not very comfortable at the small of back if you want to sit etc... The magnetic lock is solid, though. I find I use mine the most hanging arround my neck, probably the best use of the MCS, IMHO.

Todd (edgedance)
I've carried a Specialist 1 clipped to the external pocket cover on my Goldwing for over 10,000 miles.The pocket cover is on the fairing and behind the windscreen, and allows the knife to be carried handle down.
Never had a problem with the magnet letting go of the blade, and the 440C stainless seems impervious to the elements. No rust in a lot of rain miles.
It's a very good deal for $70.00.
Later, Bill
Hey Guys...

Would someone Please explain to me the purpose of magnets are on a knife that already uses synthetic sheathing, other than adding weight,and bulk to the sheath that serves Absolutely No purpose what so ever ?

Granted it is a Neat-O way to secure a knife in a rig, and I can Definately see it in a leather sheath,,but for the life of me I Cannot understand why magnets are in Kydex.

Many, Many knives including a couple of Nealy's blades have passed over my bench,, and there are Very Few if Any that I can't get a solid lock on with Concealex. Some are harder to do than others,,but the majority of them get a Crisp lock/unlock especially with that type of blade design....

Besides all of the downfalls I can think of

-needlessly magnetizing a blade
-increased cost



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the magnets not only serve to assist securing the knife, but they stop the knife blade from rattling inside the sheath. if you don't want people to know u r carrying, why would u want it to rattle??
Hey BW...


Still not a good enuf answer for me..

If a sheath is a rattler,,it ain't made properly... Keeping rattling in perspective as in Overly Rattling...

Mine don't rattle..



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the kydex does not lock the knife in on a nealy sheath.

if you look at a doizer or jsp sheath the kydes physicaly is pinched slightly over the knife to lock it in and when you pull it out, you have to make the kydex flex a bit.
nothing wrong with that, but it happens.

the sheath on my nealy is form fitted to teh knife, but when it comes to the retention of the blade, they kydex is not doing the job, its the magnets which allows for, in my experience, a smoother and faster draw.

Mrbofus, welcome to the Forums!

I have Böker - Bud Nealy Specialist II with very aggressively shaped drop point blade. I can't consider it as spear point because false edge is hardly noticeable. With shinny blade and cocobolo scales it looks very nice.
  • extremely flat shape, you can conceal it even under lightest T-shirt;
  • multi-carry sheath allows you to change carry positions practically unlimited, of course this is plus only if you like to change carry positions;
  • hold in handle-down position is acceptably secure for suit carry due to magnet (I have found only one);
  • silent draw;
  • handling comfort and security acceptable for light work or occasional defense.
  • handle is quite uncomfortable for hard work and not enough secured for hard stabbing, mostly due to its flatness;
  • if you would carry this knife in handle-down position and jump from 1,5-2 m height the knife might fall out of the sheath;
  • not all carry options are equally comfortable, high belt position or SOB one for ex. Mostly this occurs due to belt loop non-adjustable in width. It is pretty wide to accept all belt widths but stays quite unstably on narrow belts.
Conclusions: quite suitable concealed carry fixed blade for light utility and/or occasional defense. A bit too expensive as to its advantages.

You are right, no reasons to insert magnets into Kydex or Concealex sheaths. Here is pretty shallow forefinger groove and this might be problem. But their sheath covers first handle-lightening hole, why Kydex couldn't "catch" at this point?

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