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Bud Nealy Kydex

Oct 5, 1998
Ok, I just sat here and designed a Halo II Cap. All it is, is a kydex sheath that just encapsulates the top portion (Button area) of a Halo II for neck carry. Very little kydex, very low profile. (a) Can someone send me Bud Nealy's number and fax number so that he can make this for me, (b) does anyone have any better ideas for Halo II kydex designs. I wish I had a scanner to show you what I drew . . .oh well. Would love to hear/see your ideas.
Ryan Malpiede

Unless you are mandating the use of rare earth magnets in the sheath which is Bud's speciality, why not contact Scott Evans of Edge-Works? He and his dedicated gang do some outstanding custom sheath work. Witness the Spydie Moran sheaths they created for my son and me or that wild carry rig they did for Jim's Outsider knife. Just a suggestion

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Ryan Malpiede