Buffing Titanium handles?

Hey all,

I'm loving my new Spyderco Lum, but its the first titanium handled knife i have, and I'm wondering if there is any solution to the removing scratches on the handles that come with regular carry?

I figured i'd post here because some of you Sebenza owners may have a suggestion.


I have mixed results with buffing Ti. What I have found to look the best is working my way through finer grades of sandpaper like doing a hand rubbed finish on a blade. Most of the Ti. I finish is anodized and the smoother the finish the more vivid the colors seem to look.
Usually when I buff it in makes like an orange peel texture and then looks awfull when it's anodized.
I will be following this to see what others have to say!
Feb 4, 1999
I don't know what type of finish the Lum has to begin with, but the best satin finish can be produced with Scotchbrite pads. use red, then gray, and it is awesome for Ti and steels of all types. Merlin, Litespeed, and most of the other bike companies that make titanium frames use Scothbrite for their satin finishes. I'm not sure what the bike companies use for mirror polishing, but the results are fantastic while they last.

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Ti needs to be buffed like aluminum or the surface will "tear" and produce the orange-peel finish Dr. Lathe describes. This means low speeds and compounds that have a lot of grease lubricant. Just another nasty quality of Ti. I hate everything about working with it... except the results

For simple scratch removal, I'd go with Chiro's suggestion of ScotchBrite pads. Their wheels also work well, but again, low speeds only for Ti.

The orange peel problem is due to buffing with a compound that had too little grease in it. Ti has to be treated like aluminium when buffing. I use a brown tripoli which is very greasy to the touch, the greasier the better then I lightly rebuff with green stainless steel compound to give a full mirror finish.


Thanks George and Drew!
Now I'm gonna have to interupt my website building to go give that a try!!!! I would rather be in the shop anyway!