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Bulgarian Knife Laws??

Discussion in 'Knife Laws' started by Practical Use, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. Practical Use

    Practical Use

    Apr 1, 2001
    I have a child leaving to live in Bulgaria for a couple of years. Does anyone know anything about their kinfe laws?

    Thanks - any help appreciated!!!!!!!!!
  2. switched


    Feb 7, 2003
    Good lord.

    Well I'd be a bit surprised if they were rigorous. Maybe there's a limit on folder blade length of two-three feet, kind of thing.

    With the 'New Europe' and all, you never know though I suppose.

    Serg Mitlin (sp.) might have some idea.
  3. Veratio


    Sep 15, 2002

    I´ve been to Bulgaria a few times, the last time about 10 months ago. They have cheap-ass autos and balis on display in every tourist shop, I couldn´t find a single decent knifeshop. I bought a 5usd bali to play with while I was there, threw it in the trash at the airport. I am not sure of the legality of carrying knives, but I am pretty sure that noone cares. And if they do, it´s still VERY possible to bribe your way out of almost any kind of trouble. I don´t know this first hand, I just heard stories.

    I hope your lad has a great time, because the food is great, and so are the prices!

    Take care

  4. Sergiusz Mitin

    Sergiusz Mitin

    Nov 25, 1999
    I’m not up to date in Bulgarian laws, especially in so particular matter, because the last time I have visited Bulgaria about 10 years ago. What I have noticed for sure – Bulgarian people have each one head, generally two legs and two arms, so more than likely they have also laws understandable for another people.

    My advise would be quite simple – behave sensibly, don’t cause problems by yourself and you will not experience them from another people side.

    Oppss, one important thing more – don’t eat raw chushka, the kind of thin hot paprika, no matter red or green. Bulgarians eat them extensively but it could be sharper than all world’s knives for inexperienced stomach.
  5. kwasilev


    Apr 30, 2004
    Hello Practical use & friends!
    My name is Krasi Vasilev, I am 44 years old. What's about our knife laws concrete?
    Best regards,
  6. equest


    Mar 17, 2010
    That's all true. I'm in BG twice a year for a few month and never even wasted a thought on their knife laws. You can find a hunting shop in the Grand Mall Varna (where the moving staircase lead to the entrance of Carrefour), they carry lots of Fox knives and some others at reasonable prices. Look out for the N690Co steel blades. Some bookstores in the new Malls carry Victorinox knives. Other than that I recommend looking out for used or NOS war time blades, good and cheap. Ask a local where to find them.

    Last, always carry your knife concealed in public. I've never seen any weapons on the streets except for on policemen and security guards. In some tourist bars or discos they might search you through (never happened to me since they think I'm local) and take your knife from you. I doubt that in such a case you'll ever see it again. You're not allowed to edc a gun.
  7. equest


    Mar 17, 2010
    Coincidentally, I just spoke to a Bulgarian friend of mine. He's about 90% sure that there's no law at all about knife carrying.

    @kwasilev: Since you are in BG, can you confirm that information? В България можеш ли да ходиш с нож на където искаш? Има ли закон за това?
  8. equest


    Mar 17, 2010
    You have to dip them into salt. They go well with Whiskey. :D
  9. boby_troyan


    Sep 6, 2005
    No problem to carry any knife it parks (camping)conceal carry is OK unless you do something stupid and got arrested.if some policeman see you knife and you look suspicious probably gonna take you knife and let you go.I would not carry knife in big city!!! if you got in trouble(gypsies,thugs)you will fight agents at least 5-6 people so better run!do not try to fight with you knife-insted of loosing some money you may loose you life!!!I thing 7 cm. is legal limit for blade length.Good luck
  10. equest


    Mar 17, 2010
    Where does your information come from?
  11. Nifelheim


    Jan 11, 2008
    I'm a Bulgarian and I've been carrying knives for a number of years.

    Basically, there's nothing regarding knives in the laws for this moment. In the capital - Sofia you're not supposed to carry a folder with a blade bigger than 10 cm (that's a bit less than 4 inches), but that a decision made by the Sofia Council and it's illegal. If you're searched and you have a blade on your person you should NOT give it to the police. They're not supposed to take it away on any legal basis. You can very cleary state that it's for defencive purposes and it shouldn't be a problem. You also have to bear in mind that most policeman here are not very much familiar with the law, so they might try ti confiscate it. And that's basically it. I'm training FMA with a policeman so he's cleared that up to me.

    Also if your son needs any help getting around throw me a massage at nifelheimATmail.bg (replace AT with @), I'm a student so If he's in Sofia I can lend a hand.
  12. Krum's Dynasty

    Krum's Dynasty

    Jun 5, 2018

    NO KNIFE RESTRICTIONS. ABSOLUTELY ZERO. Automatic knives, balisong knives, gravity knives, daggers – are all allowed. No restrictions on length of blade. No restrictions on telescopic batons and brass knuckles either.

    TASERS are also allowed for civilian usage, as well as SABRE law enforcement grade pepper sprays.

    BOWS & CROSSBOWS are allowed too. No permit for them.

    KNIVES ARE BANNED ONLY IN BURGAS (CITY). You can't carry in public places. Municipality law overrules state law. Means if you're carrying a knife and you're in your own car, and you're parked in front of your apartment building, or on a public sidewalk, that's still considered a public place and your knife will be confiscated and you — fined. They can't arrest you for that, but can fine you.

    BURGAS is a pretty dull place to be anyways so I'll avoid it at all costs. Most crime-ridden area in Bulgaria and most of the criminal organisations are located there, and in Sunny Beach (a Resort near Burgas).


    FIREARMS are on a permit. Allowed for self-defense as well as for competitive shooting (IPSC). You have to have a citizenship. Partial background checks (one must not have a criminal record). You then go through a shooting course (pass rate is 99.9%). No limit on how many pistols/revolvers you can own later.

    SHOTGUNS only allowed for hunting, not for self-defense.

    CARBINES only allowed for hunting and competitive shooting (IPSC), not for self-defense.

    SOURCE: Me, a native citizen who has been actively carrying knives and other weapons for 15 years. Definitely the most liberal weapon laws in Europe, no other country can beat.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018

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