Bush Craft


Jul 15, 1999
Hey all I was just wondering if anyone out there has the book Bush Craft, written by Mors Kochanski? I have ordered it from my local book stores but months later they stil dont have it in for me! So you guys are my last hope. Please Help. Thanks Geoff
Hi Gunner,
That's a great book, I purchased it when I was a kid and I practically lived in the woods for 3 months straight. I had the woods behind my parents house so rigged with traps that I was even scared to take a walk in the woods. I don't know what happened to my book but I wish I still had it.
I have a book titled, BUSHCRAFT, A Serious Guide To Survival And Camping, By Richard Graves. It happens to be the BEST Survival book I have. It's a small paperback (372 pages), but it is FULL of great info. I don't know if it's still in print (Brigade Quartermasters used to sell it), but I HIGHLY recommend it.
Mors Kochanski teaches wilderness survival techniques in the boreal forest north of Edmonton, where conditions get pretty savage (-40, deep snow). I haven't taken one of his courses (I figure I could survive pretty well), but several people I know swear they could survive with only a knife for a long time (plus proper clothing, etc.) His book Northern Bushcraft (ISBN 0-919433-51-0) published by Lone Pine Publishing is well worth the $9.95US, even though I don't entirely agree with his recommendations on knives.
This may sound kinda dumb but, are there lot's of illustrations?? I know know why but I just want a lot of illustrations. And are they in color?? Color would be cool.

I also have that book and think it is exellent.Have you ever tried to make a ropewalk like explained on pages 8-16.
Jeff Sanders