Mar 29, 2000

What do you think of cold steels bushman.
Most people say it's a good beater but is it really all that good?
Yes the bushman is a good knife. No it won't outchop a kukri. No it won't cut better than a razor. But it will be a very good, very dpendable knife. There's a longer reply in another thread, it shopuld still be here. have a look.


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have a cs bushman, and use it regularly
at work. i use it to dig holes, cut weeds and grass,cut rope,pry staples out of picnic
tables,i've evan stuck it the end of a broom handle to pick up litter. it is a great knife
for the $. get one you'll like it.

p.s. when i'm bored it makes a fun thrower!
I bought my first Bushman a week or two ago and got it yesterday and let me tell ya it's great. I just finished sealing the seam and making plugs for both ends of the handle for storage, and water fitting the sheath. This is a great knife for the bucks. For more info look at my tread a little futher(maybe a lot)down the page and do a search here on the Bushman you'll get tons of info trust me.

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