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Busse, Bark River and more!

Jan 22, 2006
Leatherman sheath for old stlye Satin Jack(sheath only!) $85 Sold

Bark River Fieldsman with green micarta scales, 1st production run $75 Sold

Bark River Slither 1st prduction run, green micarta, mosaic pins $95 SOLD

Bark River Snowy River, Guardless with green micarta $75 SOLD

Game Warden, DoubleCut and Satin Pattern, Green G10 scales $300 SOLD!

Game Warden, .170 thick DoubleCut blade with Tan Micarta scales, one of a kind Armoralleather sheath(with extra magnet retention) $367 NOW $327! SOLD!
The Green G-10 Fence Fried GW is mine!! :p My first(I have a feeling probably not last) Busse! :D My Infi cherry is popped! :thumbup:
Paypal on the way.

Too bad it can't be shipped until Wednesday!!! See my rant in W&C about that B.S.!
back to the top for the weekend!
Earl, i sent you an email, no sure if it went through...
Bark River Snowy River, Guardless with green micarta $75

Is that shipped?
If so send it to me!!
MC Chan, are you getting the emails i am sending through bladeforums? I have no other way to contact you, and I have other people interested in the Snowy River, please email me at danyager at comcast dot net
Bark River Fieldsman and Snowy River SOLD!

Bark River Slither added!