Busse Basic #3 , opinions please

Feb 18, 1999

anyone living with one of these? i'm a puukko fan who's branching out. my typical carries are a Helle Nying and Viking. now i have a full ser. Endura that i love for the 'tough' stuff. the 3" Busse would fill my niche for a bomb-proof daily user. any reason not to go for it?

Rob, there's a past review of the Basic #3 in this section. BTW, the handle of the #3 and #5 are the same size.
I say go for it, Tall Paul and Andy Prisco should have one in stock.
I have a basic #3. It's a very stout little knife. The handle is comfortable and the kydex sheath is very good. It holds a good edge and also resharpens easily. The blade thicness which makes it very strong also makes it a less efficient slicer.

Overall it's an excellent knife. I got mine from Frank at Little River. Excellent service and price.