Busse Basic #3

Sep 29, 1999
My #3 arrived shaving sharp in a nice kydex sheath. The size of the blade seemed just right for detail work but also stout enough that it seems to be virtualy unbreakable.

I've been using it for the past few days cutting and carving oak and hickory. After about 2 hours of cutting hickory, the blade was still very sharp although I noticed that it wouldn't quite shave anymore. I stropped the flat (left) side of the blade about a dozen times on an old piece of leather belt which has had fine rouge rubbed into it. The blade was once again hair popping sharp.

So far I like this knife a lot. I am starting to notice that the black coating is starting to rub off right at the edge of the spine. I don't really care, just an observation. BTW, does anyone know where modified INFI falls with regard to corrosion resistance as compared to other steels (1095, O1, A2, D2, ATS-34, 440C). Thanks