Busse Basic #5


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Oct 14, 1998
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This is the first generation series with the kydex sheath, available through
knifecenter.com, 888knivesrus, and tallpaul.The newer versions come with a leather sheath and are available from Andy Prisco and One Stop Knife Shop.

At 10" OA, with a 5" asymetrically ground M-INFI blade and black Resiprene handle
this knife is surprisingly light with a thin feel to the handle which I prefer. The pommel protrudes about an 1/8 of an inch in my hand. The finger grooves are even whereas on the Busse Mean Street the front groove is deeper.

Slightly blade heavy, it slices through paper very smoothly, what the pictures don't show is the slight hourglass profile near index area. A short snap cut into a piece of wood and a stab and twist into the same were easy, no marks or edge/tip damage. About an 1/8 or so into penetration on each.
Glove friendly but best with light to medium, anything thicker probably needs a Basic 7 or above.

The kydex sheath is interesting, nicely belt but must be threaded through the belt. Also it's best for a thick belt and is built similarly like pistol holders that hold the gun a 1/2 inch away. For me and my thin JSP V2 belt, I wear it icepick edge forward IWB with less wobble. A few drilled holes for tie down, and a reinforcing lip near the entrance, you can hear a good snap while resheathing. Also, the sheath has a enough room not to scuff but not too much for a loud rattling sound.

A good general utility piece, this knife is the common man's Badger Attack. Hammer and icepick grip are best, saber is good just needs some getting used to. A taste of excellent steel in a nice size package.

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