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Busse Basic #7

Jun 17, 1999
Anybody know where I can get a Busse #7 without having to wait? Appreciate your help.
Check with Frank Norman from Little River Trading Co. I got an email from him on Monday telling me my Model 7 was in and getting shipped.

His email is:

To view his site:
Click Here

I am not sure if he has any ready to ship but it is worth a try!

Good luck


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Frank and ABC-Direct both got shipments of them, though I can't speak for how many are left.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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We have 2 left so hurry.

You will have to call to get them.
9-6 Est

We should have all other models in by Friday.

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Mon-Fri 9-5 Est
Hi Clay,
Frank emailed me and told me that yes, my model 7 has a black coating. I'm not sure what the coating is but I am thrilled to hear that. The price @ $169 was great, too. I hope it shows by Saturday and I will be a cutt'n fool!

Frank Norman is a great guy to work with....his communication was the best with all the delays these knives had.