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Busse Basic #9 Arrived!!!!

Jul 7, 1999
The big brown truck actully arrived today bearing a rather battered and abused box with the #9 safely tucked away inside.

1st impressions of the knife itself are it's a good solid knife that feels excelent in the hand and will give our Randall #14 a good run for the money. The blade is extremly solid and feels lighter and better ballanced than I expected for such a "thick" blade. Now to just get a chance to abuse and misuse the knife.

However the sheath leaves quite a bit to be desired. It just feels cheazy and cheap along with a poorly excuted design. The leg strap is way to thin and poorly attached to the sheath and my leg. Check out the Safariland Tactical holster for a excelent thigh attachment method. I do not like how the knife is held in the sheath also, the snap just does not fit the sheath and knife somehow. The hole in the sheath also does not line up with the blade, the knife sits to high so the holes do not line up. The belt attachment also seems like a cheap plastic copy of the Buck M9. The sheath should either attach like the M9 with a solid clip and buckle or again like Safarilands Tac Holsters attach to the belt.

I'm extremly abusive on knives and sheath's and want somthing that will take all kinds of abuse. The best sheath I've found came from the cuttlery shoppe many years ago, it houses the Randall and has all kinds of abuse and withstood temps from -60F to +130F without any dammage. I want a sheath that I can wear on my LBE or on my BDU's if the need arises to drop the LBE, that way I'll always have a knife.

Overall I'm extremly pleased with the knife and can not wait to give it a work out. The sheath though is another matter and I'm already looking for a replacement.
Modified INFI, what does it mean? Is it modified to be better or worse than INFI?

It is modified to be easier/cheaper to make the knives out of.

As for the sheaths, I have heard similar problems, a number fo times on this forum. Seems I recall hearing that they delayed the shipping awhile as well. Hopefully they will get the problems ironed out.