Busse basics # 5??

Oct 6, 1998
Hi again...

Any ideas/opinions on this one, use would be heavy duty chopper/cutter.
Length of blade for ease of on-person carrying at all times.

The 7" version would (probably) be a better chopper but too hard (in my opinion) to carry at all times.

Help greatly appreciated!
Be well!/2Sharp aka Jonas

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I have the #5.
Carry is really great, doesn't get in the way when carried for extended periods, is very comfy to carry and the kydex loop setup gives you options.
The knife itself is awesome, even for a 5" blade. It cuts well and has enough beef behind the edge to make it a decent chopper for a blade of this size.
Edge retention, so far, is the best I've ever seen. Period.
Maybe Talonite is better, but I've not handled Talonite yet, so I do not know.
The tip of the knife, with it's unusual blade grind looks to be almost blunted off when viewed from the top. This does not affect the penetration of the blade when thrusting it into hard pine however. It goes into that pine pretty good and deep, Thankyouverymuch!
Of course there are other designs that will go deeper when thrust using an equivalent amount of force, however, this knife does quite well for a drop point type of blade.

I really like this knife. I kept telling myself that I probably wouldn't like this knife and came up with excuses why and all, but they fell by the wayside when I finally got this one in my hands and have been using it.

My one and only complaint thus far is a really groundless one:

I think the knife is too thick for a 5" bladed knife.

Groundless, in that, it performs very well for it's 1/4" thickness and I've yet to find any real cutting or performance problem with it.
It's one of those aesthetic things, methinks.

A really great product!

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