Busse Basics....when???

Jul 17, 1999
Okay guys,
I am very excited about these new awesome affordable knives. I can't wait til they get out....which i hear will be in two weeks due to quality control checks or something to that affect.
Yeah, I was told the exact same thing. But, Busse has been delaying and delaying these knives so I wonder how long "2 weeks" will stretch out to.

I asked this question on a different thread and mentioned all the 'hardships' that were associated with the delays. Busse hurt his hand, then an employee give false information, then a delay in boxes, now quality control issues. I think someone got upset with my *questioning* the reasons for delay. Personally, I'll be glad when they ship. I want one! Oh well, I'm sure they're on the way. - Jeff

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Jeff - If Busse had a Board of Directors and Stockholders, they would be asking much more harsh questions than you do.

yeah it sounds like they have had set backs. That is too bad....but i am not giving up hope! I am so excited about these things so i can't hardly wait....but i can wait