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Oct 2, 1998
Any one have them in hand yet? I know there was a hang-up with boxes, I was just curious...
Really not trying to be sarcastic or cynical here, but at first it was reported that Busse had an employee that was promising wrong delivery dates, then it was reported that Jerry hurt his hand and delayed production, now boxes? - Jeff

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A dealer emailed me today that they are still not available. Their delays, delays and more delays are getting ridiculous.

Hey, wait a minute, was there ever any doubt that Jerry Busse was really injured? I don't think so.

I understand the anxiety, like kids on Christmas Eve. If Busse has taken your money on a knife and not delivered, I can understand why this anxiety would become annoyance. Otherwise, chill. Once these things are in peoples' hands, whenever that is, we will all forget about this wait.

Whoa, cool off, no need to get so defensive.
As I said in my posting, it was not sacrcasm or cynism, simply making conversation as to all the hold-ups. Personally I will be happy when the blades are out. Looking forward to buying one and putting it through the paces. Hopefully his new delivery dates, whatever they are, will hold true and I can have one in my hands before October. - Jeff, a Busse fan :)

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I fear what we are experiencing here is what I term Net-lag. The internet is so now that we hear a little tid bit of info and get so we think it is going to happen yesterday.

What I saw at the Blade Show was not a handmade prototype so my guess is Jerry is just holding on to thousands of these in his backroom cause he really doesn't want to make any money by selling them
I bet he is trying as hard as he can.


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No doubt.

Jerry got injured last year in an equipment explosion, and was only just regaining use of his hand at the SHOT show this year. He was still having problems with it as of the Blade Show in June.

I've seen first hand what the knives can do, and they are going to be very nice once they are out- the patience will be well justified.

The Busse Combat Basics line has been plagued from a number of ends, many of them out of Jerry's control. With the new steel, Jerry could no longer do the heat treating in house, and that has further complicated delivery issues. They are close, but there is still some delay before we will get them.

It's just like the Blue Native. We know what the knife was going to be, but one problem after another caused production to be delayed, but once they were finally here, most everyone was happy.


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