Busse Battle Mistress and Number 9


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May 26, 1999
If you squint your eyes, these knives look pretty similar. I am sure the BBM must be way cooler to justify its price. But if I just want the performance, can I buy the 9 and get 95% of the BBM? Just curious.
The differences are summarized in a later post
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Whats the difference between the two? I have been wondering that? THey are both made by busse right? And whats the difference in the price? and steel and handle and tempering quality?
The only difference to me seams to be the the handle and that the the basic 9 has a satin finish and the Battle Mistress has a black finish of some sort. The Battle Mistress looks a lot tougher than the Basic 9 too. The Basic 9 last time I checked was 258 and I heard the Battle Mistress is now 348 according to some thread I read a day or two ago.
okay...i knew how much the BM was...but i wasn't sure. Are they both the same blade shape? Same metal?
Thanks a bunch
Ps Is the there a basic 7? THe same kinda deal only with the steel heart
how would you go? buy the basic 9 or the BM
There is a basic 7. I personaly would buy the Battle Mistress it looks tougher like I said before and I like the handle a lot more than the Resiprene C on the basic 9.
Is there any dif. in the steel and that? I think the Bm looks awesome and thats what i want to get...i am just looking over my options.
Okay, the link to the BM is:
Battle Mistress
with these stated specs:

Combat grade (pictured) $297.00
Blade length: 9 1/2"
Blade Steel: INFI
Overall: 15 1/2"
Weight: 19 oz.
Thickness: 1/4"
Hardness: 60-62 Rc
Handles: Canvas micarta
Handle bolts: 302 SS

And here are the Busse links maintained by abc-direct.

Abc's Busse page

Number 9

Busse Combat Knives Basic #9
Steel: Modified INFI
Length: 14 3/4"
Blade: 9 1/2"
Handel: Resiprene "C"
RC: 58-60
Thickness: 1/4"
Weight: 14 oz
Price: $204.95
the 9 is cheaper ... in reality the bms don't go for less than the 297 (yet) and the 9's very well may... the BM is 5 oz. heavier, has the black finish, has the Canvas micarta finish instead of the resiprene, has the 302 SS handle bolts... is slightly longer and harder....

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Guys, the Basic line has "Modified" INFI, the others have INFI. Mike could you shed some light on this? I have a few Basics on Order through a Dealer so I am curious too!
The Basic's INFI is so damn close to the regular INFI I would get the basic.

Unless of course you want the different handle material.

Read my post on the test of the #9 at the Blade Show in the Blade Show forum.

For the money guys the entire basic line is a Steel... I mean Steal!

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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Rudy; I saw ads for the new series including the 9, but not a comparison between the BM and the 9. I have decide to buy the Battle Mistress IF I CAN FIND SOMEBODY TO TAKE AN ORDER!

They must either be swamped or on vacation in Disneyland.

Hopefully (for them) both.
If you want to see the differences go to to the busses home page and read the tests on the BM. then take that stuff and compare it with the Basic 9 on the little river web page( the address is listed in this top). The Bm chopped through 20 two by fours and the B9 through 15. The BM Was grabbed 1 inch from the tip and flex to either 80 or 85 degrees and the B 9 was grabbed three inches from the tip and flexed to 70 degrees. I am not quite sure what the numbers are on the hemp rope. The BM was driven into a half inch piece of steel without any deformation and the B 9 was driven into a 3/8 inch piece of steel. Both knives cut through the ten pieces of free hanging 1 inch thick hemp rope. (sorry if these were incorrect, they were off the top of my head)
For me guys i would go with the B 9. I mean, it is still ten times better than anything out there....there is no waiting really through a retailer...oh this makes me want to order right now, i think i will!!! The fact is, either way you go you are going to get a nuclear tough knife that will out last you or me!!
Just my 2 cents,
Rudy- Have you ever ordered from Little River before? They have great prices on the Busse Basics. I'd like to order but I've never heared of them. Could you let me know? Thanks...
Sorry Rhett but I haven't. THey posted in the dealers for sale forum awhile ago. They were at the very botteom of the page when I was lst in ther and I have mine put to show the last 10 days. Look for a post by Frank Norman.

thanks and take care
hi guys,
I just sent partial payment into Mr. norman today. That way it is reserved for three months so i can get the rest of the money.....but i am kinda of impatient so i will try to get the money with acouple weeks. I talked to frank on the phone the other day, he's a real neat kind guy. The little river trading company is just something does on the side...for kicks i think? Anyway, He offers the basic 9 for $199 and that is what i ordered. If you are interested, the basic 7 is 169 and basic 5 139. Check out his web page and give him a call. he'll get ya hooked up with one.
They have returned my call! Progress at last.
Delivery later....

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