Busse BF#9 question

Apr 13, 1999
Just got mine from UPS...has a feel..and sooo sharp..I read an earlier post about sharpening insructions.My box had no paperwork...was it left out?
I have heard that it is not uncommon for the Busses to be shipped without any papers. Both of mine had no papers.

Thomas Zinn
Mine was on the doorstep when I got home from work today.
DAMN what a knife!!!!
And the sheath is just as awesome!

It has a page with sharpening instructions....
though I will probably just use my Lansky once it gets dull...

There is a diagram.... maybe we can get Mike or Spark or someone to scan the page and post it so the ones that did not get instructions can see.
It's really pretty simple... it says to strop the flat side of the edge (left side) with a ceramic crock stick pulling away from the edge. It goes on to say "only under severe edge deformation will you need to strop the convex edge on the right side of the blade".
I may give it a try first time, but if I don't get the results I'm looking for, always back to the Lansky!
The knife is scary sharp out of the box, though... (look out Lynn T.!!).


So there should be something! AaaHaa!

I imagine there was a rush and the sheet was left out. I got two knives, one being for a knifeknut friend, and neither had anything in the box but the knife and sheath. At least we got the BEST parts!

I can wait for the sheet until I manage to dull the knife. A high resolution scan would be nice. There should be one on the busseknives page, but I do not see one. That would take care of the problem.

If anyone wants to copy their sheet, then send me their sheet, I can scan it and post a link to it on photopoint, similar site, or email it.