Busse, Cold Steel, SOG... quest for the best

Jan 3, 2001
Well, let me start by saying what a pleasure it is to finally make my presence known. I have been reading your posts for the better part of a month now. I came to this site while researching my now completed knife purchase. The knowledge contained herein was of immeasurable value in my final decision.
First thing's first...
I needed a knife which could fullfil two major needs. One, it must have a flawless design, encumpasing blade geometry, steel, and most of all balance. Two, the knife must be concealable while at the same time promising all the capabilities of a larger blade.
The Busse "basics" line seems to be all the rage as of late, in fact I'm more than a little sick of hearing about it to tell everyone the truth. Regardless. One of my candidate choices was, of course, the busse basic #7. The knife took advantage of cutting edge technology while adhearing to a "Keep it simple Stupid" principle of manufacture. This, cupled with the reviews and literature were difficult to see past.

The Cold Steel Mini Gurkah Lite was next on my potentials list. It had the design, the steel, and all the necessary potential I wanted. I really liked the power hidden in the blade, this knife was both pratical and deadly.

Finally I was compelled to look at the SOG Recondo. Again, the design was flawless... Probably the best of the three from a modern viewpoint. I liked the steel imensely, and the TiNi coating only added to the potential of this knife. Full tang and the whole nine yards.

I would like to know what you, my learned peers, have to say on this issue. The outcome is already decided however, I placed my order tonight.

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First let me commend you on lurking for a while before posting. One thing you will find out if you hang out here longer is that the caliber of Knifenutts here is second to none. They have an amazing way of weeding out everything from trolls to knife company hype. The knives from Busse are a good example. I don't own one and have never even held one, but I have no doubt about their quality and toughness. Just like I would feel comfortable purchasing some of the other hot knives that people here talk about. i.e.- Microtech LCC, Chris Reeve's Sebenza and fixed blades, Camillus' BK&T line, Al Mar Sere 2000, anything from Spyderco, (especially the Large Plain Edge Wegner)... Anyway, you get the idea. If a knife gets a lot of attention here, it's usually well deserved. Of the three you mentioned, in my mind, there is a clear cut winner. That would be the Busse. I don't need to go into the reasons as it sounds like you have heard them all.
Cold Steel sells well made knives with good steel and prices. (Depending on which model you choose) Most people around here don't care for their hype or their customer service.
I have never owned a SOG so I can't tell you much about them. From what I have read here, they have decent quality knives that match their prices and have good customer service. Ron from SOG participates on the forums and seems like a very reasonable and level headed guy.

Again, Welcome to Bladeforums!

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Welcome to the forums!!!

Now, your question is interesting, since you didn't say what you wanted the knife FOR. Having said that, I noticed that you have 3 rubber handled, black coated blades on your list with largish blades and a smaller tanto tipped blade with serrations designed as a concealable personal defense weapon. The SOG seems loke the odd man in the group, so I doubt you bought it. Busse or mini-kukri? You said you wanted good balance, but that is ambiguous. Hmm.... I guess you went with the mini-kukri.

Did I win???

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I too would ask what your purposes are.

But, with that info, I would say Busse.

Or a good custom, Allen Blade, Bill Siegle, Trace Rinaldi come to mind first.

A production line to consider is the Becker.

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I echo the comments about what the intended usage would be.

Of the three, the SOG would be my last choice. (good steel, but ridiculous looking handle slabs, IMHO) I can't really comment on the other two.

I would have thought there were more options than those available... but to each his/her own I guess. All that matters is if you got what you wanted and that it works for you.


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I'm afraid you should specify your needs a bit more particularly to get clear-cut advice.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">One, it must have a flawless design, encumpasing blade geometry, steel, and most of all balance.</font>
Flawless design for what? Utility knife differs a lot from fighting one, skinner is not the same as dagger. Edge geometry also depends on what you are going to do with your knife. The edge can be sharp or strong or well balanced between sharpness and strength but it never can be sharp and strong at the same time. Knife balance also depends on are you going to chop with your knife or to sharpen pencils.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Two, the knife must be concealable while at the same time promising all the capabilities of a larger blade.</font>
Concealability depends more on your style or dressing, your body dimensions, your skills and what you are doing that on knife's shape and dimensions. I can conceal a sword under my clothing if needed. What I will be able to do and how I will look in this situation is somewhat another matter

Just to do not leave you without any advice at all:
Look onto SPYDERCO Bill Moran Featherweight if you do want pure cutter in as light as possible incarnation.
Take a look onto Fällkniven line, F1, S1 or A1 if you do want as strong knife as possible within given dimensions. Don't overlook also their H1 knife if you do like traditional Scandinavian knife design and/or hunting is your primary purpose.
Check for SOG X-42 Recondo if you do like geometric blades realized on very decent performance level in very decent steel.
Think about Ka-Bar D2 Extreme Utility/Fighting knife (to be reviewed soon) if you do like classic II world war vintage military style knife realized in modern hi-tech materials.
Go with BENCHMADE Nimravus or Nimravus Cub or new Gerber Yari (probably to be reviewed soon) if you do want medium sized and reasonably weighted all around knife, also for concealed carry in urban environment.

I have no experience with Busse Combat nor with Cold Steel knives, sorry.

As to The Best Knife - I really have a lot of doubts that something like exists at all. If this wonder knife would exist nobody would want to buy another knives

Thank you, I chose the recondo, I don't think I'll regret it in the least.

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Since it's a foregone conclusion I won't get into a comparative anaysis of these knives. Every knife in the industry is different and appeals to a different individual. Nothing new there. I did want to throw the Camillus Becker line into the mix, though. These are close competitors for the Busse and Cold Steel product lines and should be on a list that compares them all. Take care and welcome to the forum.

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Becker you say...

I think they look like glorified gardening tools frankly.
I'm sure they fullfill thier purpost as will almost any knife worth it's steel.
But... A knife need's to have at least some appeal.

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I'm a Cold Steel Tanto supporter myself. But, I recently purchased a SOG X-42 Recondo. I like the feel of Cold Steel blades better, but the Recondo has a great design.