Busse Combat Basics rust potential

Oct 14, 1998
First-off I'm just itching to get my hands on
a Busse Combat Basics #5. Too bad I have to wait another month or so (maybe even longer) to get one. Anyways, does anyone know of any corrosion tests done on the modified infi steel? If I'm going to be spending anytime near saltwater, I want to make sure if there maybe a particular need to use tuff-cloth on a Busse Basic.

Thanks in advance!
Assuming the finish on the basics is the level on the BM (very rough) then corrosion tests would be downright ugly.

I believe Aubrey used a BM in the saltwater for some time without any adverse effects for a tool steel

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I seem to recall a post with a response from Jerry (posted, I believe, by Mr. Turber) in which Jerry said that initial testing with uncoated INFI blades were used in a number of environments with harsh jungle conditions causing only minor oxidation. With any sort of reasonable care, I don't think there should be any problems with rust. I tried a brief search to find the thread, but couldn't turn it up right away, so I'll look again when I'm more awake.
I've got an e-mail into Aubrey, I hope he chimes in soon. He can probably give a more accurate indication, as he is one of the few people I can think of that uses his knives as they were intended.
grnamin had this to say in an earlier post:
"With regards to INFI's rust and stain resistance, I placed the BM back into its homemade kydex sheath while still wet and tree sap-stained and left it there overnight. When I drew the knife out the next day, there was a small rust spot on the blade close to the spine, none on the edge. I left the rust on the blade (big no-no) until I got back home. I found a little bit of pitting when I cleaned the rust off."
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You know, that's a good question. I would guess that the smoother the polish the more resistance to oxidation we'd see. If it was polished up like the Presentation Grade, that would explain the good corrosion resistance. I tried to find that post that Mike pasted Jerry's INFI response into for a clue, but I came up empty. Maybe Mike can point us in the right direction. I don't believe I'm imagining things here, but my invisible friends tell me I'm weird, so maybe I dreamed the whole post.

Then again, until we know what's in Jerry's INFI, some of the aspects of the performance potential is up for speculation.

EDITED! Found the post containing a quote from Jerry concerning the corrosion resistance of INFI at:

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier than the sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.

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DonL, its on KnifeForums :


Its too bad we can't do cross forum posting and searching.

And yeah, I agree about the polish -> corrosion resistance. That is why I am concerned about the corrosion resistance of the coated blades as the picture recently posted shows a very rough finish under the coating.

Cliff, DonL,
The presentation grade BM has a satin finish. The grind lines are buffed out. Wish it had a "stone-washed" finish like the Sebenza.


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Knifeforums? Duh, I should've expanded my search earlier. As above, I did find the post that quoted just the section of the corrosion resistance. A rough finish would be harder to keep dry and clean than a polished surface, but I guess that's what the coating is for. I've heard that the coating is a type of ceramic coating of some sort, and not a Teflon or Teflon-derivative coating. Any thoughts on that?

I can tell you that I've been handling my Steel Heart every day for almost a week. I have hand oils that cause me to regularly pull the grips off my stainless Colt and Ruger to clean any light discoloring that usually starts underneath the panels. On my Steel Heart, I haven't seen any signs of discoloring or corrosion on the bare steel areas of the grips where they are sanded for final grip contouring. I haven't used Tuf Cloth or oil or anything else to coat the steel, either. So far, so good, but I haven't had a chance to really start using and abusing the knife as it should be. I'm waiting to hear from Aubrey or for him to post in here with his impressions. His Steel Hearts are, I believe, earlier A-2 versions, but his Battle Mistress is obviously INFI, so he'll have a more experienced opinion than me.

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I know this is slightly off topic but I was looking at my Reeve and the full width parts of the blade have teh vertical lines as seen on the Busses. They are not very deep though do to teh Kalgard. I myself like them and there look. I also like that they will give me incentive to take great care of my knife as tehy increase corrsion chances.

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I am a little confused. You are saying you can see verticle grind marks through the Kalgard finish on your One Piece CRK? I guess I am going to be forced into buying a jewler's loop and giving some of my stock a good look. Can you post a pic of this?

Mr. Post,
I am sure that on the 1/4 inch parts of my Project 1 I can see little vertical lines. They are very fine though and you have to look very closely in good light. Unfortunately I can post no pictures. I don't have the equipment. I don't know if they would show up on a picture either.

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I am in the US ...can't wait to lay my hands on some steel ;-) Hope my Busse SH in INFI makes it to me while here.

Well, onto INFI and corrosion. No secrete that I like my tool and high carbon steels so I get the odd rust spot. You may have seen the post on the Carson U2 in 440C that picked up a few spots. Kit is currently refinishing it and I hope to post again soon. While not using the BM as a dive knife ...note mine is a matt satin finish ...I have had the follioqwuing experience .....

I would rate the INFI in between D2 and 440C for rust resistance. I just wipe mine down with Flits and use the Tuff cloth ...... after a day (10-12 hours) of running around agetting the knife a work out at coats level .... I have not yet had any rust spots although when I use the Flits, I get a light brown stain on it so yes, it must be rusting but slowly. Note that I just clean it at nioght and then use it the whole day before applying another Tuff wipe to it. The one time I did find a bit of rust was after digging in wet sea sand and putting it back in the sheath with a sand coating. Many scartches were briown 5 hours later but less than 10 minutes with Flitz had them gone. No rust appeared after that while using the Tuff cloth on the scratches.

Of more concern is that well loved Kydex thing ..scratches on the blade. I have been more concerned about the scratches (as they are visible) than the rust (that I have been unable to really see much off).

I'm a bit of a old fart but I really like well oiled leather. yes, I know that kydex out performs it but the wartm and feel of leather ..... anybody makes a sheath that would enhance my BM in heavy gauge oil finished leather ...oh yes, gottta be black ;-)

Sorry for being so vague as I guess I have adverized the Tuff cloth morethan answer the question but then, I would hate tio ruts my BM to test the rust resistance.

Base on the above, I would not hesitate to continue suing my BM in salty and high corrosion environments.

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Thanks for the detailed info Aubrey. In regards to corrosion, how well does the edge hold up in enviroment that cause the blade to stain or spot?

I have found that edge keeps a hair popping edge in environments that causes some spots or marks on the blade. I can honestly say that I have not found the edge to deteriorate under my normal usage apart from wear and tear. Being bored and al every evening ...well, you can only stare at the fire so long ..... I normally strop the blade but I have not had to restore the edge except after some serious usage.

Based on my experinece I would say that INFI is just below SS ..... about on par with D2 for lack of any specicif info on my part.

I am just wondering how the tang is keeping up under the handles ...I wonder if they are expoxied and pinned or just pinned ..... well, I'll ask Jerry that one.

African in DC

Thanks for the info Aubrey. Just one more reason to make me look forward to my BM.