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Busse Combat Has Email !

Jerry Busse

Aug 20, 1999
Busse Combat has email !!!! You can now email us at busse@bright.net . Susan Howard has joined our staff and will be answering all emails. If you would like to place an order for a knife or brochure or would like to check on the status of your current order please do not hesitate to contact Susan at the above email address. Susan is a customer service representative hired to improve our communication with you, the customer, concerning orders only. She is not a knifemaker, metallurgist, or heat treat guru, so please be considerate and confine all email subject matter to order info or shipping status. Four more phone lines and two more customer service reps. have been added to our order department. We are flooded with calls and are doing our best to improve our customer service.

Thanks for your patience and understanding,

Jerry Busse
Busse Combat Knife Co.
Good for you Jerry, and welcome aboard Susan.

Well folks, you asked for it, so you got it. Let's get these problems solved and make everyone happy.

Thanks for the continued improvement Jerry, and let us know if there is anything we can do to help you out.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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That's really nice!

INFI is great and if the customer service is good then it's unbeatable!!

Joe Leung (Hong Kong)
I e-mailed Busse today and received a friendly reply and the info I wanted in less than 2 hours. Just wanted to post a public Thank You (and avoid bogging down their system).
I received a response from Susan this afternoon. Unfortunately, the information she told me was quite different than what Dave Roberson had told me a few weeks ago.

Thanks guys,

Jerry, I think you'll find this far easier to manage than voice mail. Susan welcome aboad - expect my E-mail shortly
So far, Susan has been very good about responding to emails. I'll probably give her, Dave or Jerry a call in the next couple of days to clarify what I want.

Double Hooray for Susan.

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