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Busse Combat Introduces The Hognose War Sword Battle Grade

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Garth Reckner

Dec 13, 2004
Introducing the Hognose War Sword Battle Grade.

The Hognose War Sword was inspired by a true set of events.

At the age of 12, while walking the back woods in search of downed trees for firewood, I stumbled upon what appeared to be a rattlesnake! It was coiled up and when I spooked it, it quickly arched up and flattened it's head out, making it look exactly like a cobra!!!

Imagine my surprise!!!! Somehow an American rattle snake had crossbred with an Egyptian cobra and I had found it! I ran back to the cabin to tell my dad of my great discovery!

Together, we quickly returned to the scene of my latest find, to witness for himself, what the National Enquirer would surely pay millions to see!!!!

That's when he informed me that it was, in fact, an eastern Hognose snake!

The Hognose snake has an unusual snout that sharply sweeps up. The Hognose War Sword emulates that dramatic forward sweep making it one of the fiercest slashing swords on the planet. . . dare I say in the entire solar system!!!

This wicked cool blade is coming to you in Battle Grade dress and is ready for whatever you may have in store for it!

Let's Drink


Base Price: $487.00

OAL: 22.875"
Blade Length: 16"
Blade Width: Approx. 1.85" - 2.5"
Thickness: Approx .250"
Steel: SR-101
Hardness: 58-60 Rc
Grind: Corrugated Bevel Technology
Finish: Coated

Blade Finish Options:
Desert Sage
Tanker Gray
Muddy Brown
Moss Green

Handle Options:
Black Canvas
Tan Canvas
Green Canvas
Maroon Canvas
Black G-10 +70
Tan/Black G-10 +$100
Red/Black G-10 +$100
Blue/Black G-10 +$100
Green/Black G-10 +$100
Orange/Black G-10 +$100

Hog Trough Special: While supplies last base price will be $427.00. You will save $60.00!!!
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