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Busse Knives/Mean Street

Jul 26, 1999
Purchased a Busse mean street awhile back and basically forgot about it until I found it in my kitchen knife drawer the other day, along with my other butter knives. I remember thinking when it arrived, that it was the dullest knife I had ever received from a manufacturer. I quess I have been spoiled by the Robert Terzuola knives I own. They come from the maker razor sharp. My gryphon
M30A1 specifically is the sharpest knife I have ever seen. Oh well, maybe I am just hard to please. I do not think for the price of the little mean street it would be too much to ask for it to be sharp. I know I could sharpen it, but that is not the point. Products shipped from a manufacturer should come ready to go and not have to be worked on. I don't recall buying any other products recently that I had to fix before I could use them. I don't think I'm being to picky, I just want a sharp knife from the factory. By the way, it is impossible to contact anyone at the company, calls and messages never seem to get returned. Am I the only one to have a problem with this company?
My Mean Street was very dull as well. The knie is very crudely finished in general, but it does have a very good feel to it and once sharpened, it is quite a good defensive knife.

I got mine when the Mean Street was a new model so I had to pay extra for a kydex sheath. It is functional, but overall, a lame sheath.

Regardless, I like to carry this knife because it is compact, highly concealable and basically indestructable.
I had thought of buying a Busse, but post's like this will deter me, and I thank you all for the info.

Jack Russell
Recon Jack - hopefully the above posts will not deter you from buying a Busse. Some of the knives do not come as shaving sharp as others... but he does appear to have the best knife steel currently available (INFI) as well as extremely well made products. He also appears to stand by his products as well as anyone and better than many (most?).

Besides, we can all sharpen a knife.

My Gryphon M30A1 is also astoundingly sharp! Really nice job on the edge, for a production knife.