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Jul 26, 1999
Hey everybody ,
Couple months ago I posted a message about my order of Busse Steel Heart II . I ordered this knife in December of 1998 . I still don`t know where my knife is . I called to
them directly and sent faxes . Jerry called
me himself sometimes in June and promised
that knife will be send in 2 weeks . Since
then I tried to contact them again without
any results .
Can anybody tell me what to do ? Did it happen to anybody else ?
Thank you .

Spark said in an earlier thread that he would be gald to help out with any Busse delivery problems. It wouldn't hurt to fire him off an email.

Here's the earlier thread:

Hope that helps.

"Mishaps are like knives, that either serve us or cut us, as we grasp them by the blade or the handle."
You mispelled "he would be gald".
It should be "he would be galled".
You are not alone.

This really belongs on the "Good/Bad/Ugly forum" where you can find a thread in which Mr. Busse promises things are getting better.

I hope he comes through but so far I have just left messages with no reply. It's not like I'm about to ship out, but I would love an update on my ETA. I was supposed to receive my BM last month. You can imagine my discomfort from not having a BM for a month!


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You know what really galls, imean galles er gawls

Oh the hell with it

"Mishaps are like knives, that either serve us or cut us, as we grasp them by the blade or the handle."
My mom used to tell me she would pick me up at 4:00 after school. Every single day she came at 6:30. I imagine it is the same with Busse. Just add a year or two onto what he says and you won't have to obsess over the day it is supposed to arrive.
Hey you guys are not alone. I too have difficulty getting through but keep trying. They are up to their ears in trying to process orders. They are trying to correct there obvious problems. I can not answer for them but again keep trying.

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Mike Turber
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Okay Mike, they are up to their ears in orders. I will spot that. They did manage to make my Basic 9 rather pronto; I credit you more than them in this regard.

But as to my BM, they didn't seem to busy to charge my credit card a month and a half ago. Maybe that person is working overtime. And I call and fax and so forth... eventually JB returns my call and he seems like a great guy and all... but he still can't find the status of my order. Maybe it is in shipping waiting on Kydex. Hmmm but no return call actually finding the order... why is Jerry Busse answering the phones? Well, it just goes to reprove an old saw... You can't assume someone knws how to run a business just because they make a good product at a fair price that customers want. I have seen several restaurants ruined by popularity.

Dances with lemmings

Yeah, but at least he made the effort to call you personally instead of having someone else do it. He has been up to his ass in alligators with the Combat Basic series and for a first effort at a true production knife, I'd say he's doing better than some I've seen. Just FYI, we've completely blown through the first two shipments that we got in; the knives were either all sold before they came in or we ran out within 2 days afterwards, and we're still presold on the models we haven't gotten yet, so the guy is not sitting on his butt, taking a vacation.

Let's give Jerry the benefit of the doubt. If there is something wrong, give him a chance to make it right. I know that Cliff Stamp and Greg Namin have both had their problems solved when given the chance, so take heart, and I'll bet there are some others out there as well who have been taken care of.

Anyhow, email me your information including your full name, time your card was charged, address where the knife was to be shipped to, what knife it was, when the order was placed, etc, and I'll pass that information along personally next time I talk to Jerry.


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I understand and am willing to excuse the delay. But I do not understand and have no sympathy for his lack of responsiveness. Its a good knife and I am sure Jerry is focused on the issues at hand; specifically, finding a way to produce enough of the stuff. But service is an equally important component.

Anyway I didn't want to just rant here. Sparks, the solution as I see it is fairly straight foward. Jerry should enter the 20th century and handle his correspondence via E-mail. That should allow plenty of time for his team to manage his communications, and the correspondence would clarify the transaction and reduce the quantity of traffic (I think he is currently getting 400 calls a day).

In my case for instance I have made about 8 calls - yet the only thing I'm requesting, and still have not received, is a clear definition of our transaction and a firm commitment on a delivery dates (I ordered 2 knives - 3 months ago). I have ordered alot of knives from makers all over the place and this by far is the most trying exchange to date.

Trying, not only because I can't get an answer, but because its fustrating to see someone mess a good thing up. So if you can, please suggest to Jerry that he get himself an E-mail address and hire a couple of kids to help with the basic correspondence.

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I really don't believe there are too many good excuses for poor customer service.

I look at the situation like this: If you are getting a lot of new business, then you are bring in a lot of new money. If you are bringing in a lot of money, you should hire people to handle the business.

No argument there, Mike, Jerry and myself have discussed this very thing, and IIRC Jerry will be getting email again in the near future. I agree, if what it takes is hiring a dedicated email person, then that's what it takes. Answering a few questions on the forums probably holds off a few questions as well, but that's another issue.

Like I said, though, if you would like, I'll be more than happy to pass on any inquiries or problems to him the next time I talk to him, and maybe that will get a better result.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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I spoke with Dave at Busse a week or so ago and was very impressed by his interest in my purchase and that I was happy with it. As a result of that conversation, he's trading my right-handed #9 sheath for a lefty.

One thing that helps when dealing with an overwhelmed seller is to remember why they are so busy - the products are worth the wait.

One day I hope to order a custom from Jerry myself. When I do, Merc, I hope you'll remind me of this thread when I get tired of waiting!

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In the Manufacturer/Reseller/Customer environment here at the forums, the customer sees and hears things about product light-years before the manufacturer is REALLY ready.
Manufacturers need to learn to handle the pressures of this new environment. Do not print add to early just because the word is out on the net.
Resellers need to not make promises the manufacturer can't keep, and oft times they know it!!
Customers need not get so excited about the "new widget" on the block. Use this forum to gain information and help the products mature before expecting to see them.
Hey, let the print add customers test drive the first offs.

On last thing on this rant.
The cost of a quality employee (which are hard to find young people) can sometimes be difficult during a new project. ALL that NEW money doesn't come until long after the projects release and then of course the customer wants that new project!

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I don't mind waiting. What I do mind is the lack of a realistic expected delivery time. At this point I can't complain because I ordered a BM about mid April and was told to expect a 24 to 26 week wait. I agreed to purchase the BM (and to wait 6 or 7 months to receive it).

What has me concerned is that some customers have been waiting since 12/98 for deliveries. If there will be a significant delay in delivery, I would like to know about it so that I can adjust my plans.

In this case, for example, I planned on having the BM prior to January (in time for a series of scheduled jungle operations). If the BM will be here in time, great. If there will be a six month delay, OK, I'll buy an RTAK or RCM. All I really need is good info upon which to base my decisions.

As I've already said, I can't complain since I never expected delivery before next month anyway. If there are going to be delays in shipping, I (and probably a lot of other folks) can accept that; I'd just like to know.

The problem isn't with the waiting time or customer expectations. What we have is very poor poor poor communications. Right now I am thinking the next knife I buy from Jerry will be purchased either from his table at a show, from a dealer's inventory, or used. I am not going to go through another wing and a prayer order approach.

But I am looking forward to a change of mind just as soon as Jerry gets his stuff together.

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First off go through a dealer like Pete's Tactical Knives. Pete has email <petetac@ix.netcom.com> and is easy to reach. Make it clear that you want a realistic date and drop him an email if necessary to check on your order. Let him to the phoning to Busse. It costs the same in either case. Secondly make your complaints clear to Busse. It is valuable to post such problems here but Busse Combat must know about them as well in order for them to deal with them.

I agree with Cliff Stamp about contacting Busse and plan to send a FAX in a couple of weeks (I've read here that's the best way to get in touch). I'm new to this forum and I'm not familiar with Pete's Tactical. Is there a web address or phone number.

By the way, I'm not sure that "net lag" is to blame with the BM. I first heard about it (and saw one) on one of the Hoods Woods videos.
Does anybody have a fax number for the Busse Combat Knife Co? I didn't see it listed in his catalog.
You can reach Pete at : petetac@ix.netcom.com . He is usually fairly prompt about answering emails.

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