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Busse LE #26 for trade!

DOH! I'm an idiot.....
Oh well...... Y'all probably know #27 HOFSHLE was just sold to Jaxx.
Here it is it's next door neighbor. Minty fresh.
Again, I wouldn't really mind keeping it, so .....
Whatcha got?
Hey, guys.
Please keep in mind, this was a pretty doggone expensive and rare knife, and like I said, I don't mind keeping it! I don't want to be greedy with it, but I don't really NEED it to go anywhere either!
Still looking for rare and/or interesting Busses!
A ZTBM with snakeskin would close the deal for me!
I emailed a query about a trade interest but heard nary a response. No sweat if no interest but do let me know. Thx :D

No sweat. :) I thought it might have hit the spam filter of your box.
Did you get my email with possible trade offer??

Please let me know? Also here no sweat if not interested!