Busse Leather Sheaths

Oct 12, 1999
Hello all! I've just received my Busse Basics #5 with new leather sheath from Andy Prisco and I'd like to give a short review of both the knife and new sheath.

The knife is standard Busse fare-1/4" thick blade, 5" long, convex grind, sharp as a page of Oscar Wilde's wit rolled into a point, dipped in lemon juice and jabbed in your eye.It's sharp
Handle is respeine-C, the most comfortable handle material I've ever felt and totally immune to deet. The #5 has more of a point to it that the #7 making it a very good penetrator. It is highly maneouverable and would make an excellent defensive tool. It's smaller size (about 10" overall) makes it sheeple friendly.

Now for the good stuff, the leather sheath. First let me say that I generally prefer kydex over leather and I still feel the same way. However, that is not to say that the new sheaths aren't good. The fit and finish is excellent. Tight uniform stitching, smooth edges, and well fitted and shaped. The welt fitting that hold the knife is quite good although a really hard shake can loosen it. For comparrison I tried the same with my kydex sheath and I found that I could also shake it loose. Conclusion? It's probably me. Do I think the #5 would come out of the sheath during normal use? No. I do have a couple of complaints though. First there is no strap to supliment the welt fit. It should be noted that the kydex version doesn't have it either. My only other complaint is that the sheath rides a little high for my liking. I found it akward to draw the knife and if I bent over the handle dug into my rips. It does however lend itself to a diagonal cross-draw which I am starting to use. It also means I can strap my #7 to my right leg and the #5 on my left side! God, I need help

Overall I would have to say that the #5 is every bit as good as any Busse knife. I can give it no greater praise. If you like leather sheaths you'll love the new sheaths. If you prefer kydex, have no fear, kydex sheaths will be available albeit at extra cost. Basically, you can get what you want regardless of your preferences. Hope you find this informative.

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Hi Johan....

Good review....

It's interesting that Busse went back to leather.
I understand why they did though...

That's ok though...
I will be coming out with Concealex for the Busses very soon..

I think they are a fantastic blade,, and hopefully will have one ,,one of these days...

If you are interested in a Concealex sheath for your #5,,let me know..

ttyle Eric....

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