Busse mean street

Feb 6, 2000
This is the loaner knife i received from
Andy Prisco. I obviously could not beat the crap out of it, but i did some general chores.

I've used it to cut string, meat, and cardboard. It handled the string and meat with aplomb, but the cardboard was a bit harder. It cut very well initially, but then had some difficulty pushing throug the cardboard. I concluded that this was due to the thick spine being forced through the cut. The edge had not lost any sharpness due to these cuts.

I did some light chopping of sticks and boards. The knife didn't perform as well as i had expected here. It chopped well, but somehow i expected more. I think this was simply due to my expectations being too high. Don't get me wrong, it does chop, but that's not what it was designed for.

I did some stabs into red gum eucalypt logs, which are extremely hard. I started gently and worked up to full power. With each stab, my hand would slide down the handle slightly. It was never close to the blade, but the possibility exists that it might happen. After all this stabbing, my hand was quite sore. I did some snaps to the side, absolutely no damage. There was a slight scraping of the blackening around the tip though.

After all this, the edge is still razor sharp. I could not easily be happier, unless this knife were mine.

My only real gripe is the sheath. After a week of carrying it on the back of my hip, i've got a few gripes.... The back of the sheath scrapes on the skin of my hip. It is fairly "Sharp" and hurts quite a bit after a long day carrying. If it was my sheath, i'd go to it with a file. Also the knife rattles in the sheath quite a bit... it didn't worry me, untill someone commented on it. might not be a problem, depending on what you want the knife for.

One quick tip: If you have the desert warfare version, try wetting the handle. It brings out the red beautifully.


The beast we are, lest the beast we become.
Cliff - It's right in the middle of the forefinger notch, with the blade in a utility grip. I know it's not balanced for chopping (would be blade heavy) but somehow i expected more. It's not a major gipe, as this is obviously not the knifes intended purpose.

The beast we are, lest the beast we become.