Busse Steelheart Sheath-HELP!

Apr 11, 2001
Does anyone make a decent drop leg sheath for this knife????

I bought the knife and it came with the factory cordura sheath which was not built very rugged at all, so I opted to buy an optional kydex sheath. I got the sheath and but it was not the same kydex I've seen on other Busse knives out there(with drop leg extender and fastex). I also realized it was limited to belts of 1 3/4" or less, so I could not use it on my military belt.

I really love this blade, but if I can't find something to carry it in it's basically worthless to me. Does anyone have ANY recommendations here???? Ideally the sheath would be kydex and could be adjusted for standard or drop leg carry. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
I gotta beieve that if you hooked up with On Scene Tactical (Eric) and explained your problem, he could set you up. I do not know where you bought your aftermarket sheath, but he may even be able to modify it to meet your requirements. It may just be a question of relocating the belt attachment and replacing it with one sized to a military web pistol belt. Let us know how you make out.
Hey Medic....

I know what you're wanting....the thing is, they haven't been offered with Busse's for quite some time. I have one with my SHII clip point. It's a Hi-Desert Low Ride Tactical rig, Hi-Desert being the company's name. It has a quick connect buckle so that the knife and sheath can be removed as one, without undoing the belt. It also has two leg straps. The kydex is fairly thick, though is of the fold-over style...making it a very slim setup.

Perhaps, in some way, you could obtain one??? I really couldn't say for sure. I'm assuming that you have an SH-E?

I totally agree with you saying that the knife is of little use...if you have no reliable and practical way to carry it. It seems that sheaths are often an overlooked part in the knife business. Yet, in reality, they are equally as important as the knife itself. "Combat" knives travel with a person, they aren't something that you grab out of a drawer when you need them, then drop 'em back in when you're done.
Hey Medic....

If you can verify with Jerry or whoever you bought the sheath from. That in fact if it is one of my sheaths, I'd be more than happy to try and fix the problem with this sheath for you

Actually even if it isn't one of mine I'd be happy to do the work for you...

Nothing worse than an unhappy customer. And we Can't have that.I want you to be comfortable with your knife..

Please feel free to drop me a note and we'll see if we can't get you fixed up..

Looking forward in hearing from you..


Eric E. Noeldechen
On/Scene Tactical
Hi Slag,

Thanks for the info! Yes, I do have the SH2E model. I'll have to do some searching and see if I can find a contact for that company. I'm assuming that one of these sheaths built for an old style SH2 wouldn't fit the newr E models, but I may be wrong. Of course nobody is likely to give up their sheath for me. Anyway, thanks again for your your help!

Normark - Thanks! I appreciate your offer of help, I'll drop you an email to see if maybe we can figure something out. I'll keep my fingers crossed!!