Busse up for trade?


Apr 30, 2004
Why are so many Busse knives up for trade? I find it strange that although so many in here love the Busse knives, they tend to show up a lot for trade? I am NOT trying to start a flame war in here or say anything negative about his knives, i would buy them if i could afford one. :) Aren't Busse knives not considered "user" knives? I thought they are, but most up for trade seem to be in mint condition. Are they too expensive to put into action? Or are these just collectors who sell their Busse blades because they tend to be a good investement?

Jerry has just released a heap of new/updated models, and many people are having to sell an old knife to buy a new one.

Many Busse owners have one to use, and one to look at. This way they have a perfect example of what can often be limited production knives, and something to sell when they get excited about something new.

Check out the new Fusion Steel Heart on the Busse website, and all the excited discussion about it on the Busse forum.