Busse's Lastest Ad ( A must see exclusive! )

Oct 2, 1998
Well before someone figures it out I figured I better let the cat out of the bag on Busse's latest ad so I can monitor the inevitable flames before they get out of hand.

In the latest issue of Blade (August) you will see Busse's newest and albeit, very clever ad. It features a bowl of alphabet soup with the word "CHALLENGE" in the spoon. To the unaided eye it is an obvious slap in the face of a competitor who likes to issue challenges. To the "in crowd" it is obviously directed at Cold Steel and the ad as is, is quite amusing and I personally like to see the ads Jerry comes up with and I am sure Lynn loves them as well.

What you may not notice as clearly, but what will obviously come out as people look CLOSELEY at the ad, is that just above the word "CHALLENGE" spelled out in the spoon is the words "CRY BABY" and just below is the word "LOSER".

Is this a mysterious freak of alphabet soup spelling coincidence?
Did the camera man play a trick on Jerry to set him up?
Did Lynn get an advance copy of the ad and digitally alter the ad?

Who knows and who cares I am.......

Anyway, the ad may have some more words spelled out so lets see how good your eyes are!

I would really hope that Jerry and Lynn get there obvious battle out in the open and over but the latest ad is hilarious. A final once and for all test of the two knives where the test and results are approved by the makers and published for all to see would be cool. Either way we will be testing the Basic #9 against the Trailmaster very soon and we "WILL" post the results. I may also throw a Mad Dog into the mix if I can get may hand on one.

Of course no matter what the results there will be those who challenge even the most fair of tests.

I don't care I will do it anyway.

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Mike Turber
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Don't know what kind of soup you eat, Mike, but that looks more like the AlphaBits cereal to me.....


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If you read the disclaimer for the microtech ad backwards, there is a recipe for a chocolate chip cookies that my wife makes. Its excellent!

Is amazing what subliminal advertising can make!

Just a though!

p.s. good catch Mike!

You should see an Ad for black label I did back in 1991 with a heavy stuff going on on one of the cubes!!!!!

Joel Pirela
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Have you ever noticed that SOCOM spelled backwards means "snot" in Spanish?

Coincidence? Who knows.

David Rock
Huummmm.... Could say the same thing about Mad Dog? Oh well I wont go there...

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Mike Turber
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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

well im going to have to jump over from the repent you sinners thread and tell you right now that...except you repent you will all likewise perish....

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That will be the test of the year! CS Vs Busse...I for one can not wait to read your results. An unbiased test by someone I trust. Go get 'em cowboy! When do you think you will be able to do this?



Hmmm... has anyone ever known me to get a tad emotional over this one?


I don't care to see the whole knife industry descend to Cold Steel's mudslinging tactics, but it is high time somebody jumped in the grime long enough to hold Lynn Thompson's head under it for a few minutes. Cold Steel has had their two Battle Mistresses for quite a while now, and we haven't heard a peep from them... lot of testing going on, eh?

Cold Steel has been playing a double standard for some time - they claim their knives are the best, and when someone produces something better they say "well, it's twice the price, is it twice as good?" They even went so far as to claim that their "Bushman" was competitive with Chris Reeve's survival knives because you could buy 15-20 of theirs for the cost of one of his. I ask you, how many knives can you use at once? I'd rather one good one than a hundred pieces of junk. Someone should buy a $7 Chinese folder and test its lock strength - I'll bet it holds one third as much as a Vaquero Grande for less than one tenth the price - clearly it's the better knife!

I want to see them burn. Sorry if this isn't very political. I agree they make some fine products in a line that also includes shameless junk - but their business tactics are unconscionable, and its time they paid. I'm sorry that Mr. Busse had to be the one to get his hands dirty, but I respect him for doing so. There is a big difference between attacking your competitors and calling their bluff.


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Maybe we should send Cliff over to CS. Maybe they are having trouble damaging the Busse's.

Well, at least if it was Africa they would have been stolen by now and he couldn't test due to the loss.

Give'em hell Jerry !!!

From Africa

I can hardly wait to see how CS will respond (Lynn must be stomping around his office - trying to think up a good "riposte").

IMO it's about time somebody challenged CS - their marketing approach drives me crazy.

"Walk softly and carry a big folder... and a small folder... and a SAK... and a multi-tool..."
I talked to Lynn today about the ad. He said his response will be that there will be no response. I also reminded him of my future test and he has no problem with it and nor does Jerry.

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Mike Turber
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So what does it all mean? Is Lynn finally conceding to the Battle Mistress? And Corduroy is right, I have yet to see something out of the test results done on his two BMs. So far, no news regarding that.

I wait to see that as well.

So much bickering about who's is better, isn't the important thing that they perform to set standards and that the ELU is happy?
Just curious....

God bless!

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Time will tell and my tests will confirm at least one side of the story or better yet it will confirm that both make very damn good products.

I talked to Jerry and Lynn about their advertising and both said there will be some changes. Jerry said he will simply state what his products can do and will probably no longer compare them directly against another competitor.

I hope they both do that.

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Mike Turber
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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

I have always tried to practice the philosophy never to "rag" my competition. I fell that it is very unprofessional. However, I will not stand idly by and let my comp. attack my products and/or services. I will (as my father-in-law (and boss) puts it), "Call a spade a spade."

Let them kick you once, but never let them kick you while you are down.

My college mentor/professor once told me, "David, credit is like gravity...it will ultimately settle where it belongs." I think that can go both ways. The truth is a wonderful thing as long as you stay on the right side of it. The good things about you will be found out...as well as the bad.

What does all this mean to CS and Busse??? I have owned many a CS knife ad think that CS makes some good products, however, Mr. Thompson is a little "agressive" (shall I say)for my tastes when it comes to advertising.

A true unbiased test will be welcome. Great job once again Mike!!!

My $0.02 worth...

I also saw that Alphabet cereal ad for Busse- very clever. Makes me wonder how (if they respond at all) Cold Steel will respond.
How dare Mr. Thompson try to prove his products are so good by videotaping the tests? Who the hell does he think he his, trying to raise the bar for all the custom manufacturers out there. EVERYONE knows how true the statement is "You get what you pay for", right? So common sense will tell you that since custom knives are so much more expensive than most Cold Steel knives, they are automatically better than anything that costs less, documented proof or no documented proof.
Lynn Thompson should apologize to each and every one of you custom knife makers out there for even remotely suggesting that a knife that costs less can be better. No wonder so many knifemakers dislike him. One of you makers should volunteer to confront him face to face and whip him good. Any volunteers? NO?


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