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Busted by my girlfriend

Apr 6, 1999
My girlfriend just figured out my system
I set a monthly limit on how much I would spend on knives, but she just realized I've been buying the knives ahead of time. Right now, I'm finished for the rest of the year.
Just be like Uncle Sam and set up a running defict. Should be good for a few more months of knife buying!
If I had to choose between my knives and my girlfriend, she would be history. So, she has learned not to give me greif about it. I in turn stopped giving her grief about her 30 minute showers.

30 minute showers? Sounds like she replaced you with the shower massager

Sorry, couldn't resist
The header reminded me of a large-busted girlfriend who used to advance upon me in an ominous manner threatening, "I'm gonna bust you one!" Then she would strike me with her bust.

Now I've read the post and I see that isn't what you were talking about at all.

That girlfriend of mine loved knives, btw -- in fact she still does. She stopped by to visit recently and showed me a Kershaw hunting knife and asked me what the cutout on the back of the blade was for ... was that a stupid question? I dunno ... she had been using it to gut fish ... she was just wondering if that was what it was really for.

-Cougar Allen :{)
Is it her money you are spending? If not I do not see any reason why you shoud stop buying knives.
Ya know, David, a year ago, when I was single, I would've agreed with you 100%. I got married in January, and well.... while it's not Missus Fire's money that I spend on knives, it sure SEEMS to be!
Seems as if there's more important things to spend money on than "another knife".
What I wanna know is Who needs a flushing toilet ANYway?
I must be lucky. My wife encouraged me to get a part time job in a knife store. I get a decent employee discount on the knives I buy there. I get to handle the knives extensively before I buy them and my paychecks there have been decreed "Knife Money" by my wife.
Hua Kola my Big Friend,
Remember girlfriend does not equal wife, or even fiance! If they start making demands before the ring, their demands get worse and more intense after the ring - BE WARNED!

P.S. I like Cougar's tale of getting busted better!

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Missus Fire was making a salad and asked for a sharp knife. I handed her my Sebenza and she went to work.
5 minutes later, I hear, "Oh, Honey, I LOVE this knife!!"

There's hope for me YET!!
I'll keep you posted!
Yea, I'm fortunate as well. My girlfriend and wife to be is well into knives. The only thing is when I get a new one she seems to like it more than the next. I started her out on a BM AFCK, but now she moved past that to a Cuda cub and onto a Mini socom. I have a new wood inlay Sebenza on the way; hope she doesn't find this one!! It's cool when your spouse is into the same things as you; helps the relationship.
She's probably going to forget about the knife I ordered. She left town this morning and I bought a truck this afternoon.

Fireprez, I decided I better get it before I get married, Thanks!


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