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Butterfly knives... which brand is best??????

Dec 10, 2000
I am thinking about buying a new butterfly knife soon and I just wanted to know all of your opions on which brand of butterfly knife is best. I only know of Benchmade's Bali Song knife, is Benchmade the best ? Thanks for all of your help.
As far as production pieces go, Benchmade is the only even decent one out at the current time. The 42 is about all you will have to choose from, you get the choice of serrated or not, and anodized handles or not, but that is it.
It is a very nice piece IMHO, but I prefer the older, heavier BM's to it.
Just stand in line to get the 42 like the rest of us.

Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me.
BM42 , which has lightweight titanium handles. If you want something heavier try to get hold of an older (cheaper) BM45 used.
Personially I'm not impressed with the model 42, mainly because BM needs to work on their quality controll I went through 6 of them looking for one with a decently ground swedge, to no avail. The sheath is too short, the knife was not sharp out of the box, and I just noticed that when I have the handles locked together, the blade is at an angle, where as it should be straight

I'm really dissapointed

I should of saved more money and gotten a custom fred perrin one.