Button studs

Feb 8, 2015
does anyone use button studs ? I’m not sure what size would be correct for 8-9 oz leather and what size hole to use. I tried a few and it was a disaster ! Holes are either too big or too small or end up too loose and not holding. Really dont want to use snaps. Any help is good help !

I use the studs from Springfield Leather (5/16 stud) with a 1/4 hole, works great! My retention straps are about 5oz
I use both from Weaver and Springfield. I prefer the screw in ones over the rivets. 1/4" holes and here's a cool little trick. For the slot for the hole use a1/2" wood chisel. Very consistent.
Dave that chisel idea is cool . No more knife slip and screwin up the slot. I like the screws also but the buttons i have are a weird size but they do ok. I found that if you lightly feed a 3/8 center cut end mill about a 1/16” or slightly deeper in the screw side of the leather it will allow the screw to be below the surface then i cut a thin sliver off of a 3/8” plug from a punch and glue it to the screw head. Almost invisible and no marring to the knife. Ill order some buttons as you mentioned.

You want to get the proper slotted punch for the hole,