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Buy this knife or not ?

Hello folks,

I know a place were they have a nice old knife, Looks in design like the military classic of Coldsteel, only with wood micarta handle and a brass guard and but.
Blade is stamped "crowning spain" and 440 stainless on the other side. The whole thing looks good, even the sheeth (thick leather) is like the coldsteel thing except for the sharpening stone pouch.
It's about a 400 grit finish, nice grindlines, and New in Box.
Does anyone have info on this knife?
The price is 1080 Belgian francs or 26 $ US Dollars.
Buy or not buy?
Keep in mind that I am a student, am I'm on a budget, with not much left in this time of year due to all the gifts and stuff.

greetz, Bart.

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May 9, 2000
Sorry to say that I do not know anything about the knife you are looking at. It seems to me that if the knife is as good as you describe then $26.00 is a good price for it. Of course that depends on whether you have $26.00 to spend or not, but it looks like a good deal to me.
Sounds like a good deal to me but I'm afraid I also know nothing of this knife. I'd probably buy it though and I'm on a military budget.

....Spanish blades use to use 440B,which has a slight (edge) over 440A in carbon, THis was 10-15yrs.ago then they switched to 440A, which became cheaper.Either way it's worth the money, even if it sits in a shoe box on the shelf......Ironhorse....