Buyer Beware!

Mar 5, 1999
Himalayan Imports is on a roll. A month back there was some guy who robbed pix off my website and put them on his site and said these were the khukuris he was selling. After a letter he stopped.

Today I got email from a pal and customer which I'll post here. Seems this guy on Ebay is even calling himself Himalayan Imports. It is not us! Be careful before you plop down any cash!

Bill Martino, Gen. Mgr.

here's the mail:

Subj: "decorator khukri"
Date: 3/4/99 10:26:43 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (John Powell)

Bill, just left ebay auctions and under their #741 046 56 is a khukuri
in auction and the seller is listed as HIMILAYAN IMPORTS. 2 email
addresses: and Also says
there are other khukris for sale. Check it out, I don't think you want
new customers to think you're pumping out this stuff. JP

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Bill, let us know if you need any assistance in dealing with this situation, we'll be more than happy to help.

Like Bill said, Buyer beware in this case. Bill is a true gentleman and a good person to talk to, so this is especially heinous.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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I agree 800%...Bill is good people and someone is screwing with him.
Bill, Spark..
I suggest contacting E-Bay directly and raise holy hell....they have the Feds on them (this morning's news) for selling gas grenades and bazookas!!
They say that they aren't responsible for what folks advertize...well, thats debateable as in real life auctions participants are checked out.
Thanks, Spark and DC.

I contacted Ebay and received email from them telling me it would take 3 to 5 days to investigate.

I also contacted the "other" Himalayan Imports and requested they find another name and referred them to the copyright notice on our site. No word from them.

There's not much worse than ripoff artists like these. They hurt me, our customers, and our potential customers. Not the kind of folks I like to see in the knife community or anywhere else for that matter.


If you have an attorney, I suggest he/she also e-mail E-Bay and follow up with a snail-mail written on the firm's letterhead. This crap can hurt you badly and E-Bay is culpable. Crush them il mio cugino, perché è siciliano il modo, capishe?
I do capishe!

Have to wait the 5 days for Ebay investigation. If they do not act timely and properly the attorney will pen the letter on his letterhead. He tells me Ebay has already been busted twice in the past few months for similar fraud and that they are very "spooky" so I am looking for a decent outcome.

And thanks for advice, DC.



Thanks for the heads up. I have an idea if the jerk does not make good. Register at Ebay and out bid every bidder and then contact the dealer and say you won the bid. Then just never pay! Of course that would be the wrong course of action but it would be poetic justice

Anyway I just created a new forum to handle this very type of situation so someone please make use of it and spread the word. It is in the Knife Exchange section and is called the good, the bad & the ugly!

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